The Benefits of Creative Writing by Patrick Greene

Today I welcome new guest, Patrick Greene – from across the pond – to talk about why we keep going when the going gets tough.

Written compositions can be categorized in several genres. Primarily, we have fiction and non-fiction. These are then classified into other types of writing such as informative, journalistic, technical, professional, and much more. However, for me, the most challenging and yet the most fulfilling is creative writing.

Writers get involved in the genre of creative writing for several reasons. But, it becomes more challenging if it’s not your passion. Creative writers usually start off in their writing as a hobby. But, writing in the creative genre has more benefits than just fulfilling one’s passion. Creative writing has benefits in skills and personal development.


Communication and vocabulary

Writing in itself helps us improve our vocabulary. But, this is taken on a whole new level if you are writing creatively. In creative writing, an author communicates from the point of view of several persons through the characters in the story.

In addition, different characters have different personalities and would communicate differently. With this, a creative writer’s vocabulary should be wide enough. He or she would have to be knowledgeable even with colloquialisms and slang words.

Creativity and imagination

A creative writer needs to have a rich imagination. You create characters and scenarios and piece them all together to form a literary work. You imagine things that may have happened in real life or make modifications of the reality.


Another benefit of creative writing is the honing of problem-solving skills. That’s right. When you write in the creative genre, you are like creating several pieces of puzzles such as the characters, situations, dilemma, and other elements in a story. You will have to bring them altogether avoiding any loose ends. With this, you need to think logically and solve problems to create a thorough written composition.


In bringing the puzzle pieces together, you develop your organizational skills. It will be difficult to find the perfect fit if the pieces are in chaos. This is also applicable when you are a creative writer. You need to logically organize the elements of your story to get your point across.


If you are a creative writer, you use vocabulary, creativity, problem-solving, and organization to convince your readers of the story you are telling. With this, you are able to improve your persuasive skills.



Creative writing also has its benefits at the personal level. One of the most important benefits is self-expression. Some writers even use creative writing to divert their struggles in life into a form of art. When a creative writer feels intense emotions, instead of acting it out in real life, they channel their emotions through creativity. Some would even represent themselves as characters in their stories.


Creative writing is one of the most challenging genres, and accomplishing a literary piece takes a lot of hard work. However, all the troubles go away when your work gets published. In effect, it boosts the self-confidence of a writer. This is even heightened when you hear that people like your work.

Being open to accepting feedback

We cannot please everyone as your readers have varying preferences. With this, you will hear criticisms from other people, lots of them. In effect, a creative writer gets to learn to be more open in accepting feedback and criticism. Instead of getting mad about a negative feedback, a creative writer tries to understand and analyze the criticism and take it into consideration if necessary.

Developing interpersonal skills

As a creative writer, you will meet a lot of people. It could be avid readers, critiques, publishers, or other creative writers. Even if you are an introvert, you will have to go out there and talk to people. Because of this, you get to develop your interpersonal skills.

Engaging in creative writing has more benefits other than being able to unleash your ideas. Creative writing is a conversation between you and the readers. You write words with meaning, they read the words and create meaning. With this, creative writing becomes beneficial for you and your readers. You should continue your passion and dive into the world of creative writing. How does creative writing benefit you?


Patrick works as a contributor at He is a former editor of a small town newspaper publishing.

He is an avid fan of social media, and runs his own page for writing enthusiasts for his college.

With the rising clamor for healthy living, Patrick immersed himself with water sports.

(stock photo above courtesy of

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