AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Skydiving Instructor ANDY GUEST who has just published his autobiography TYPE T.

And for those who like non-fiction…


28577300_10156269217318408_2505589770508304384_nToday I’m chatting to author Andy Guest who has just published his autobiography – Type T.  Quoting from the blurb ‘Type T is a true and compelling account of Andy’s testosterone-fuelled escapades, where not everything goes to plan. It’s a tale of the strength of the human mind when it steps outside the comfort zone.’

Good morning Andy and welcome. Can I start, as always, by asking you a little about yourself?

Good morning, Jo. Thank you for having me. Well, I’m just an average person who at the tender age of eighteen decided I wanted a life of adventures, and who realised in order to make it happen I would have to step outside my comfort zone. I hoped, in doing so, that I would perhaps learn more about myself, which I did. Adventures aside, I’m married to Alison and I’m a father of two sons who have their…

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