Morgen’s Email Critique Group

12 Apr

Hello. I know that writers, myself included, need – and appreciate – feedback on our work. By that I don’t mean “Oh yes, that’s great” – although that would be good too. We need to be told where we’re going wrong. I am a freelance editor so it’s my day job to do that but I thought I’d start this critique group so that you could also get feedback from other writers.

The idea is that you submit your writing (max. 2,000 words per submission*) – whenever you like – and I will collate them and send them on to others in the group for them to return to me within two weeks, although the sooner the better) so that I can return it to the original author.

In the meantime, hopefully, they will have been working on something else and have more to send. *By submission, I mean complete story (up to 2,000 words per submission) or story / novel extract.

For every submission you critique, you will get your work critiqued by one other writer. The more you critique, the more feedback you get on your own work. I will be the facilitator keeping track (using a nerdy spreadsheet) of who does what so how much ‘credit’ they (you) have.

If you submit more than there are people to critique for, I will hold it until there is sufficient credit. Equally, if you have critiqued more than have submitted work for, I will have made a note of that.

This will all be done courtesy of a Word template I’ve devised. If you’re planning on submitting to competitions, publishers or agents, you will need Word. Complete that template, pasting your story or extract into it. NB. by completing the form and submitting your work, you are agreeing that you will not share any received work (i.e. not your own writing) with anyone else, online or otherwise.

The level of feedback is entirely up to you but there are options on the form for pacing, engaging characters, satisfactory conclusion (if a complete story) etc. Please don’t use Word’s track changes as it shows your name. Everything will be anonymous (I’ll be using references) so you’ll never know whose work you’re receiving but equally they won’t know they’re getting yours. It’s the fairest method.

What’s in it for me? I will be one of the group giving and receiving feedback. The rules work the same for me. I can only received critique on my work when I have critiqued someone else’s. You won’t know I’ve done it and you won’t know if you’ve critiqued my writing.

So… to get started, complete the form below and I’ll send you the template. NB. by completing the form and submitting your work, you are agreeing that you will not share any received work (i.e. not your own writing) with anyone else, online or otherwise.


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4 responses to “Morgen’s Email Critique Group

  1. Loretta Livingstone

    January 5, 2018 at 3:43 pm

    Reblogged this on lorettalivingstone and commented:
    I thought some of you might find this useful.

  2. Paul Isaac

    May 28, 2018 at 12:01 pm

    Hello, Morgen! I’ve just come here after seeing a tweet and have a few questions about this! Have you received enough interest so far to consider an FAQ section or similar? I’m dissatisfied with the critique group I am a part of and am looking at other options! 🙂

    • morgenbailey

      May 30, 2018 at 4:54 pm

      Hi Paul. An FAQ is a great idea. Feel free to ask me questions. I do have an ‘Ask Me’ page: It used to be on the main screen but not used since 2015 so think I’ll re-work (or better still, copy) to an FAQ page and put it (back) on the main page… when I have time.

    • morgenbailey

      May 30, 2018 at 4:56 pm

      In the meantime, feel free to complete this form and send me <2,000-word pieces and I'll swap with whatever I have in. 28 people have signed up so far. Only I know who will be viewing your pieces… you never know, it could be me!


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