Digital-first vs paperback publishing

Always an interesting debate. I’m no longer a paperback reader (busman’s holiday when I’m editing client novels all day) but I do read… audiobooks or my (equally beloved) Kindle’s text-to-speech function when out with the dog.

Phoebe Morgan

As some of you might know, I am a big fan of digital publishing – my Kindle is my prized possession, it goes everywhere with me and the day my old one broke was a very dark day indeed (luckily, I got a new one WITH A BACKLIGHT)! As a commissioning editor, I have to do a huge amount of reading for my job, and my Kindle makes this so much easier because all I have to do is forward the word documents I receive from literary agents onto my device and start reading. I also love the flexibility Kindles give you – I love being able to buy a book instantly, especially if I’m on holiday (on my last holiday I got obsessed with reading all the Lucy Clarke books and it was so great to be able to download them one after another).

Before you all start thinking…

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3 thoughts on “Digital-first vs paperback publishing

  1. Fay Knowles says:

    Gosh, Morgen, I didn’t even know I had text to speech on my Kindle Fire! Thanks for that tip. I found out how to set text to speech on, but haven’t figured out how to get it started. Will have to call on my techy son!


    • morgenbailey says:

      You’re very welcome, Fay. I use it for client editing and works in progress (as you can email Word documents to it!) – great for picking up though, through, thought etc. Tap the screen and the bottom bar will appear, with the play or pause to the right. You can also change the speed. I have it set to x2 but you can go from 0.7 to 4x (tap on the number). 🙂 Bottom left of the main screen (when the play / pause disappears) you’ll see ‘Learning reading speed’ which will then show how long it’ll take to get to the end. If bottom left is blank or says Location x (x = number) tap it until the ‘L… r… s…’ (or time left = x left in book) appears.


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