SADM 2018 – Day 13: Start With A Bang

The Prompt: Today we continue with the third of my ‘fairy story’ structures: Hansel Gretel.

Start with a life-changing moment and lead your characters through the story to show us who they become.

Hansel and Gretel starts off with a bang: two kids, alone in woods, abandoned!

What are they doing to do?

After the big opening, all their struggles teach us about the kids’ characters. By the time Gretel finally kicks the witch into the oven, grabs her brother and they make their way out of the witch’s cabin, we know enough about these kids to know they’re going to be OK.

How can you replicate this for your characters?


This year I won’t be publishing the stories here as I want to send them off somewhere and blogging online counts as published which most outlets won’t accept but will let you know each day how I got on the previous day… so you know I’m doing the challenge with me. Do leave a comment below to let me know how you do.

And me? No further forward than day one but I’m clearing my backlog of work so will hopefully catch up by next weekend. <sigh>