Season Ten

An interesting read for someone (me) on the other side of the pond (UK)… where MCL and Matlock lost me. Your thoughts please…


by Emmett Dulaney

Long before my granddaughter booked the room in the back of the MCL for her son’s high school graduation party, she should have checked to see if there was a Matlock marathon on. Supposedly, the cafeteria wouldn’t give her the deposit money back after I informed her of such, but I don’t think she tried very hard.

“Did you know your mom scheduled this during Matlock?” I asked the kid and looked around to see if there was a TV in the room. There was a small one in the corner but it was set to rotate through baby and school pictures. Around it were certificates and trophies from the past eighteen years of other events I had been forced to attend.

“I’m sorry,” he said, but I could tell he wasn’t sincere. He disappeared to go talk to someone else — completely oblivious of the…

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