#Histfic Rosie’s #Bookreview of Gentleman Of Misfortune by Sarah Angleton

Another for historical fans…

Rosie Amber

Gentleman of MisfortuneGentleman of Misfortune by Sarah Angleton

3.5 stars

Gentlemen Of Misfortune is historical fiction set in nineteenth-century America. It is based around true tales of a showman who acquired ancient Egyptian mummies and artefacts.

The book opens in a seedy gambling establishment in New York. Lyman Moreau is a conman who recognises an opportunity to make money. He hears of a shipment that has recently arrived, containing valuable Egyptian goods, the owner of which has just died. Acting fast, Moreau asks his friend and mentor, Horace Laurent, to get false papers claiming Lyman is the rightful heir to the goods.

Dishonest customs agent Martin Quinn forges the papers, and Lyman, Laurent and Laurent’s equally corrupt wife Mariana become the new owners of eleven mummies and a cargo of other treasures. However, in the early hours of the following morning, Lyman finds Laurent dead. Fearing he’ll be framed for the murder…

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