Rosie’s #Bookreview Of #HistFic #SciFi The Alien Diaries by Glenn Devlin

A review for historical / sci-fi fans…

Rosie Amber

The Alien DiariesThe Alien Diaries by Glenn Devlin

3 stars

The Alien Diaries is a mix of historical and science fiction. Set mainly in Virginia, the story uses a dual timeline. It opens with an extract from the diary of fourteen-year-old Kate. The year is 1778; Kate and her brothers are rescued from a life of servitude by a couple who surround themselves with objects and ideas from a futuristic era.

In modern times bookstore owner, Colin, is gifted rare books from a patron who wants him to appraise books at a house he owns in Virginia. Investor Asher Bradford also requests the presence of Maddy Prentice as caretaker, while Colin works in the library. Colin and Maddy are required to embrace the house and its contents, living day-to-day as if the time was the late 1700s. But strange noises and sightings of frightening beings have the couple desperate to leave. Unfortunately…

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