Yes, I’ve learned to be selective about certain topics on social media… politics especially, having been royally slated on Facebook for the Brexit debate. #zipped

The Bookshelf of Emily J.

I’ve been pretty silent on social media lately, and on this blog. I used to speak up about current events, social practices, academic theory, morality, etc. But for the last two years, I haven’t spoken up. I’m not sure why. There’s a lot of discomfort within me because of this.

After reading Rhetoric Retold: Regendering the Tradition from Antiquity through the Renaissance (1997) by Cheryl Glenn, I have some ideas about what my silence might mean. Her book is about recognizing female writers and their rhetorics in an attempt to prove that women were not necessarily silent in history, but that they were writing, speaking, and contributing to public discourses.


Her final chapter muses about the different ways we can characterize silence.

  1. Silence might be a deliberate and positive choice.
  2. Silence may not be golden and we have an obligation to speak up.
  3. Silence might be resistance.
  4. Silence can be…

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One thought on “Silences

  1. angela king says:

    Women have been written out of the records since time immemorial. While researching medieval jewellery I discovered women were accepted as makers and this spurred me to look for women working in other crafts.


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