Rosie’s #Bookreview Team #RBRT #shortstory Christmas Once Again by D.K. Deters

A Christmas story review from Rosie and team…

Rosie Amber

Today’s team review is from Terry, she blogs here

#RBRT Review Team

Terry has been reading Christmas Once Again by D.K. Deters


3.5 stars

Madison Knight is an antique consultant with financial problems, a demanding boss, and no one with whom to spend Christmas. She’s looking forward to shutting the door on the snowy season and getting cosy all alone. Then customer Zach Murdock gets in touch to say he wants to retrieve his grandmother’s beloved painting, because he should never have sold it to the company Madison works for. Unfortunately, retrieving it is more complicated than Madison originally thinks it will be.

The snow gets worse, and Madison gets stranded. She seeks help from a local family, but there’s something decidedly odd about them. They seem kind of… old fashioned.

This story is not overtly Christmassy, which, for me, was a plus; it’s not as sugar-coated as some. I love a time travel story…

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