Rosie’s #Bookreview #Histfic Family Saga The Girl From The Mill by @WalshChrissie ‏@Aria_Fiction

The latest review, a historical family saga, from Rosie and team…

Rosie Amber

The Girl from the MillThe Girl from the Mill by Chrissie Walsh

4 stars

The Girl From The Mill is an historical family saga set in Yorkshire during World War I.

The story centres around textile mill employee Lacey Barraclough. Lacey is a loyal but ambitious young woman, who plays her part in fighting for the better working rights for herself and her fellow women workers.

Lacey is also an accomplished seamstress and it’s not long before her skills are noticed by prominent  woman in the Garsthwaite community. In her personal life, Lacey has caught the eye of Nathan Brearley, the mill owner’s son, but their difference in class is hard to overcome.

When the war breaks out, changes occur on the home front. Families must survive without menfolk, there are new bargaining powers at the mills for the workers, and Lacey’s own life changes when she marries Nathan.

This is an easy read…

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