#BookReview The Indie Author Mindset by Adam Croft #Writing #IndieAuthor

I thought I had this already (unread) but it turns out I hadn’t… I have now. I’ve just finished writing my seventh novel, likely to be my fourth published (ninth title published). Adam’s lovely (wet met at BeaconLit) and an inspiration.

Shelley Wilson Author

Title: The Indie Author Mindset

Author: Adam Croft

Category: Writing

I found this book: Amazon

indie author mindsetMy Review:

I thought I’d burnt myself out on writing books over the years, but it appears I was wrong. Adam’s conversational style of writing meant I had this unpacked and read within a few hours. As a personal development author and blogger, I have a huge affinity to any book that talks about mindset. To discover a book that combines my two favourite topics (writing and the mind) was always going to score points.

The title implies that this book is targeted at independent authors. However, I feel any writer would benefit from the wisdom within these pages. Learning to be more productive, dealing with overwhelm and burnout, and understanding profit and ROI are all vital tools for any author (independent or otherwise).

The section on Encountering Doubt resonated…

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