Dark of Night by CS Duffy @csduffywriter #review

The latest review from Clare… a dark thriller from Glaz-gee. 🙂

A Knight's Reads


Some of you will remember my very first guest post from the lovely CS Duffy (you can find it here if you missed it) and the rather unique blog tour that I hosted last year. Well I had actually read the first Episode ofDark of Nightback in September but never posted my review #mybad. So better late than never…..

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2 thoughts on “Dark of Night by CS Duffy @csduffywriter #review

  1. worldsrooom says:

    Hello Morgen. Is it possible for people who view this blog to submit examples of their work to show on this site? I have been attending Creative Writing courses for about five years now and have a small collection of short stories etc which I would like to try to publish eventually.Best Wishes,David Hunter.


    • morgenbailey says:

      Hi David. I have an area called Flash Fiction Fridays (<500 words) but if you're looking to get your stories published, I'd recommend not sharing them online as some places, especially competitions, want stories that have not been anywhere else, online or in offline publications so only share stories that you plan to self-publish.


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