#NewRelease Rosie’s #Bookreview of Mild #Thriller The Secretary by Renée Knight @TransworldBooks

The latest review from Rosie and team, a British ‘mild thriller’.

Rosie Amber

The SecretaryThe Secretary by Renée Knight

4 stars

The Secretary is a mild thriller set in the UK. Christine Butcher is a secretary, a really good one, and she is proud to call herself a number one PA.

The book opens with Christine being offered a job as the secretary to Lord Appleton and his daughter Mina. They own Appleton’s supermarket chain, a business which Lord Appleton runs with strong ethical themes. He believes in fair prices for quality products.

Mina is an ambitious woman who wants to make Appleton a market leader. Christine is about to find out how much Mina wants and how far she will go to get it. Her role as loyal secretary is tested by a controlling Mina. But what will happen when Mina asks too much?

This was an intriguing tale of loyalty, betrayal and revenge. It throws a little sinister shiver over the potential…

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