Hitman Sam by Morgen Bailey @morgenwriteruk #BlogTour with #BookOnTheBrightSide @BOTBSPublicity #BookReview

Day four, review seven and another very kind one: “I thoroughly enjoyed following Sam through his training and trying to manage some sort of love life at the same time. Although I had an inkling there wasn’t going to be a nice tidy conclusion I totally didn’t see the ending coming. Brilliant writing!”

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Welcome to my stop on Morgen Bailey’s Hitman Sam blog tour with BOTBSPublicity 🙂

Hitman Sam BLOG TOUR (1)

Hitman Sam is a very clever little crime novella and one that I really quite enjoyed. I read most of it on the ferry home from visiting family in Northern Ireland last week and finished it off at home. I was eager to find out which way the story would go. Sam Simpson is a very likeable, but sometimes awkward character, who I couldn’t help but warm to. He’s been made redundant and in an effort to add some excitement to his life he answers a rather vague ad for a job which doesn’t give much away at all. Once he realises he’s signed up as a trainee hitman he imagines himself as the next James Bond, but he doesn’t quite have the same knack with the ladies, which is quite funny at times!

I thoroughly…

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