Thin Enough – short fiction by MorgEn Bailey

The following piece of flash fiction is from Morgen’s larger short story collection (250 stories), Fifty 5pm Fictions Collection, available in eBook and paperback from Amazon  and Morgen’s online store where you can not only instantly download the collection but also purchase the paperback dedicated to you or as a present! We hope you enjoy this story…

Thin Enough

Harvs! We’re late!

Sometimes I could swing for…

What? No, it’s in the wash. Wear the other one. Do you want me to come up…? OK, but just hurry.

He knows I’ve got a test today – not until second period but…

No! The blue one!

Derr. Mum’s out – had to go into work early and Dad’s never around, he’s got his own business so…

No! Second drawer. Five minutes, Harvey, or we’ll miss the bus!

I keep telling mum we should hire a nanny, we’re rich enough, but she says Harvey’s too old so I have to do it. For free. “That’s what sisters do,” she says, but my mate Emma doesn’t, they’ve got Ingrid. And that’s why mum doesn’t want a nanny – ’cause she thinks Dad will run off with her, but he’s never here; gone before we get up, back after Harvey’s gone to bed, and I’m busy doing my homework or at Em’s.

Dad should cook his own dinners because the ones mum makes are dry and skinny when he gets home… not skinny like thin, like Em’s nanny, but wrinkly like an old woman. Mum’s worried about that too; that’s she’s getting older (I’ve seen the creams) and thinks Dad stays at work because he doesn’t want to be with her, but I’ve seen them when we go on holiday – hands all over each other… and I’m like “get a room!”. Glad I don’t have to share with them anymore. I share with Harvs but he’s alright really. I’d rather have him talking all night than listen to them, which I still have to do if the walls are thin enough.

Harvey Walter Sydney Taylor! If you don’t come down right now… no! Second drawer from the top… What? You said you didn’t need any help…




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