Her Eyes Have Never Been Bluer – short fiction by MorgEn Bailey

The following piece of flash fiction is from Morgen’s larger short story collection (250 stories), Fifty 5pm Fictions Collection, available in eBook and paperback from Amazon  and Morgen’s online store where you can not only instantly download the collection but also purchase the paperback dedicated to you or as a present! We hope you enjoy this story…

Her Eyes Have Never Been Bluer

You saw her smile, right before your foot pressed down on the accelerator. That soon changed her expression, didn’t it? Didn’t think you had it in you, did she?

You’d tried before, different method; wrapped her favourite scarf round your wrists like you’d seen in the movies, only it was too big, too awkward, and she’d grunted and turned over, burying her neck in the pillow, leaving no clear skin open.

You’d stood there for ages, staring at her, looming over her skeletal frame, wasting away from the disease eating her inside out.

You’d finally had enough when she’d started refusing to eat, neither of you having the strength to argue. You loved her with all your heart, so you’d taken her to Devon, as you had every summer, to that little out-the-way place with the crumbling cliffs.


Any doubt you had disappears as the car gathers pace. She takes your left hand and squeezes it, and you look at her face. It’s no longer pale, no longer sallow and her eyes have never been bluer.


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