Random prompts sheet – Mon 20th Jan

Hello. Here are your prompts for today. For anyone who struggles to see the picture, I’ve listed the prompts after the photograph. I’ll list them left to right from top to bottom.
Make of them what you will and let me know how you get on in the comments section below (or on FacebookTwitter). NB. just give us a summary unless you want to share the whole piece but if you post the actual writing, it’s deemed as published and you’ll be limiting where you can send it. So here goes…

  1. A photo of Paris’s Eiffel Tower with a podium with cars underneath promoting ‘Great Britain’.
  2. ‘The bigger picture’.
  3. Will 3D scans be the death of autopsies?
  4. Surprises: Without an occasion that would make this expected or less amazing, do this for a friend who has been feeling a little ‘blue’. Send flowers, or a small gift, or arrive to take your friend unexpectedly out for lunch completely without their knowledge beforehand. Do this for someone who really needs the lift. Later, together, hold hands and make a wish for better days ahead. Before the moon has ended, you will both meet with happiness beyond the gesture you have just made.
  5. Picture of a cirlcle with a silhouette of an elderly couple (man and woman) with ‘Respecting your elders’ and ‘69%’ in between with a ‘3’ in the bottom right of the corner.
  6. ‘catch pole’: a sheriff’s deputy; especially one who makes arrests for failure to pay a debt. Meg saw the catch pole through the front door’s peephole and then skipped out through the back door.
  7. Did you know? (right arrow)
  8. Wednesday 8th January 2014.

Let us know how you got on!

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