Sunday short short story: Just A Couple Of Initials by MorgEn Bailey

Posted every Sunday, the following piece of flash fiction is from Morgen’s shorter short story collection, FLASHES, available in eBook and paperback from Morgen’s online store where you not only get the best price but can either instantly download the collection or purchase the paperback dedicated to you or as a present! We hope you enjoy this story…

Just A Couple Of Initials

“Give us a hand, love.”

“Doing what?”

“With this.”

“What? I can’t see what you’re doing.”

“Up here in the loft.”

“Yes, Henry, I know you’re in the loft.”

“I’m trying to move something but it’s too heavy.”

“Can’t you leave it ’til later. I’m tired. You know visiting mum takes it out of me.”

“How is the old-?”

“Oh, you know.”

“Yes, only too well.”

“Henry, what have you been doing? You’re covered in-”

“It’s only dust… don’t think anyone’s been up here for years.”

“Mum wouldn’t have been since Dad died. She made some bread for us.”

“Are they allowed to do that?”

“Of course. It’s a care home, not a prison.”

“I know, but I thought the whole point of paying all that money was that they had everything done for them.”

“They do, but she feels useless…”


“What is it you’re trying to move?”

“I’m not sure. A chest of some kind with a brass plate on the front.”

“What does it say?”

“Nothing really.”

“What do you mean ‘really’?”

“Just a couple of initials.”

“Which are?”

“W… R…”

“WR? Who’s WR?”

“I don’t know but it’s pretty old…”

“How old? Centuries?”

“A couple at least.”

“No, it can’t be. Mum was… Could it be four?”

“Four what?”

“Four centuries.”

“But that would make it 16…”

“Could it be?”

“I suppose.”

“I’m coming up!”

“I thought you were too tired.”

“I want to see.”

“Why? It’s just an old chest belonging to someone called…”

“Walter Raleigh.”

“Raleigh. The bicycle guy?”

“No, the tobacco guy.”

“What? You don’t think…?”

“I do. Move over…”


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