Fiction Fodder Fridays – Fri 7 Aug

Hello. Here are your prompts for this week.  As well as these sheets every Friday, the lovely author assistant/editor/lady Friday(!) Caroline Vincent (who pretties these sheets before they go live) will be posting Word Count Wednesdays so you can let us know how your writing’s been going over the previous week. I aim for 300 words a day which is an astounding 109,500 words a year and so, starting today, you could have that (or more) by this time next year!

These posts will still include the text versions together with explanations of any individual pictures so that anyone unable to see the picture and prompts will be able to read the text, or have to text read to them. It also means you can copy and paste the text should you wish to use it for your own writing.

Make of them what you will and let me know how you get on in the comments section below (or on FacebookTwitter). NB. just give us a summary unless you want to share the whole piece but if you post the actual writing, it’s deemed as published and you’ll be limiting where you can send it. So here goes…

  1. Zoos warned on safety
  2. She/he gripped the chair arms like…
  3. Virgo (Aug 24-Sep 23) Everyone seems to be taking potshots at you and you don’t deserve it.
  4. Your total level of student debt is a completely arbitrary number. What matters is how much you pay off.
  5. Hugh Mitchell, 55, Abington Grove, kept a vehicle that was not licensed; fined £200
  6. Farewells: famous names among the many who died in 1991. Five photos of: Claudio Arrau, Klaus Barbie, Ralph Bates, Paul Brickhill, Coral Browne
  7. Culture – museum will store Welsh recordings
  8. Thimble – some say this is the most powerful sign for luck and happiness. Perhaps this is why porcelain thimbles are souvenirs of places visited.
  9. silhouette of an aeroplane from above with ‘check in, chill out’
  10. Discount rivals

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