Sunday short short story: Valentine’s Day by Morgen Bailey

Posted every Sunday, the following piece of flash fiction is from Morgen’s shorter short story collection, FLASHES,  available in e-book from Morgen’s online store where you not only get the best price but can either instantly download the collection or purchase the paperback dedicated to you or as a present! We hope you enjoy this story…

Valentine’s Day

Fred pulled at the zip but it was stuck fast. “Darned thing!”

“Do you need any help in there, sir?” the female shop assistant asked.

“Er, no, I’m fine, thank you,” Fred replied feebly.

“Well, if you need me, please shout.”

Shouting was the last thing he felt like doing. He looked in the mirror and his heart sank. How had he come to be in this position? He knew how much this outfit meant. If only he couldn’t get out of the damn thing.

He tried again at the zip but the end flew off and hit the mirror.

“No!” he wailed as he realised he’d have to spend the rest of the day in this red and black basque.

He pulled off the tag so the assistant could scan it at the till, then as he put his business suit back on over it, he vowed never to shop for underwear for his wife again.


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