NaNoWriMo update

I’m still way behind (17,194 instead of 35,007) with #NaNoWriMo but that’s okay.

I have an average of 3,894 words to catch up and I wrote 3,934 today (Saturday) and 4,093 yesterday so hovering around the right area.

Rather than doing a novel from scratch, I’ve been going back to started projects including a themes series of monologues, but these past few days the second in my Rachel Cavanagh ‘Henry’ dog detective short spin-off series. I’m a couple of thousand words off from that so I’ll probably do a monologue or two before returning to a novel I’m 20k in on.

Having gone back through what I’d done so far three times, not the thing to do when you’re already behind but hey… I was surprisingly pleased with it  so look forward to returning to it… for perhaps another read through.

Oh, and I’ve also returned to Scrivener. I can recommend Marty Neary’s course on Udemy if you’ve not used Scrivener before. He’s on Facebook if you’ve got any questions. Scrivener’s been great for all my side information: characters, synopses, notes etc. Although I still do the writing in Word, I copy/paste it into Scrivener with a file for each chapter so I can see how long they are without having to scroll through Word. I don’t think I’d leave Word behind – after all it’s what 99% of the world uses for the submission process (maybe not that much but it feels like it) but it’s a marvellous addition.

So that’s me. How are you doing?

10 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo update

  1. flissie says:

    You really are doing well Morgen, It is different to just focusing on one story. Thank you for your help suggestion regarding Scrivener. I have just purchased it and feel like I have entered an alien world. Shall check out the course.
    Enjoy the last week or so of NaNoWriMo

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    • morgenbailey says:

      It’s fab, Flissie. I can’t see me just using it and foregoing Word because there are things I’m too used to with Word that Scrivener doesn’t do (for example, the find/replace is easier in Word – I’ve deleted words by clicking the enter button looking for a second instance of the same word, but there’s still an undo so I got them back) but it’s fabulous for all the ‘extra matter’ and put all my notes in it. It’s also FAR easier to move chapters around; simple drag and drop like Explorer (PC)/Finder (Mac).

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  2. Robin LeeAnn says:

    I’m about 31,000 words right now. I’m a bit behind as well since I started a few days late, but I’m getting there. I’m definitely within range of getting to 50,000.

    I’ve heard of Scrivener before, but I don’t know much about it. I’ll look it up more later!

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  3. Christopher Farley says:

    Well done Morgen.
    I’ve not done it this year. I’m trying to get a story (novel) in order but I really need to go back to basics. Everything I’ve ever written has been pantsed, this one included. I’ve managed to get up to 35000 words so far but then became stuck and unless I can put together a storyline I think it’s just going to fall by the wayside like the other 7 or 8 that have been started then left.

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  4. morgenbailey says:

    That’s great news, Chris, although not the ‘wayside’. If only you could paste them all together and make one coherent book. 🙂 Maybe having Scrivener (I’m not on commission, honestly!) will help because you can write synopses and notes for each chapter/text document so you can see where you’re at. I’ve sort of become a midway planner because it’s helped me work out where I’m at by having a summary alongside each aspect. In the current novel, I have three main characters (different chapters obviously) with one hogging the limelight (number of chapters) so I can add/move them around so they get equal airtime.

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