NaNoWriMo update day 22

Day 22 of NaNoWriMo and I’m catching up (canned laughter in the background). Okay so I’m 14,596 words behind but that’s okay. I have 3,990 words to do each day until the end which again, is okay. I’ve just finished for the day today at 5,256. Added to yesterday’s 3,934… Friday’s 4,093, Thursday’s 1,710 and the previous 7,457 and I’m at 22,078 instead of the target of 36,674, give or take a word or three.

It’s always a pleasure writing ‘The End’ (actually usually three asterisks but I felt like using the two words this time) and today was the end of the first draft of the second in my Rachel Cavanagh / Henry Houdini dog detective short spin-offs. ‘Henry Goes to the Barbecue’ (in November… a method to my madness!). Coming soon (after I’ve edited it, send it to my editor, received it back then re-edited at least twice)…

So that’s me. How are you doing?


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