Final Fiction Fodder Fridays – Fri 29 Oct

Hello. Here are your prompts for this week. I have been posting these for many months but sadly this will be the last one. It is, like my 100-word competition at the end of the year, making way for me to have more time for writing. I hope you have found these prompts useful and have had some success if you’ve submitted something from them. You can still find many prompts in my five Writer’s Block Workbooks, available – as the saying goes – where all good books are sold.

My lovely author assistant/editor/lady Friday(!) Caroline Vincent will still be posting my #WordCountWednesday posts so you can let us know how your writing’s been going over the previous week. I aim for 300 words a day which is an astounding 109,500 words a year and so, starting today, you could have that (or more) by this time next year!

These random sheet posts include the text versions together with explanations of any individual pictures so that anyone unable to see the picture and prompts will be able to read the text, or have the text read to them. It also means you can copy and paste the text should you wish to use it for your own writing.

Make of them what you will and let me know how you get on in the comments section below (or on FacebookTwitter). NB. just give us a summary unless you want to share the whole piece but if you post the actual writing, it’s deemed as published and you’ll be limiting where you can send it. So here goes…

  1. Society: Life’s tough when you’re sad, lonely and super rich
  2. Live
  3. Finland: New ‘national emojis’ to feature sweaty saunas
  4. Solitary confinement above a picture of newspapers, with underneath: California paves way for vital reform
  5. I just want to live in the world peacefully, in any country where I can get freedom
  6. Amazing grace – even more amazing strength
  7. Two-finger gesture
  8. United States: Rift deepens over ‘world’s most expensive gas station’
  9. I would prefer to receive a misspelt, rushed text with a panicked emoticon
  10. Quote of the day: ‘Life does not cease to be funny when people die any more than it ceases to be serious when people laugh.’ George Bernhard Shaw
  11. School treats ‘pupils like prisoners’
  12. Let’s get back to basics. Who needs to learn when you can do everything with lists?

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