Word Count Wednesday: 4 May 2022

Good morning. Yes, it’s that time of the week again. How have you been getting on?

A final week of moving my belongings into storage so my house is photo-ready for going on the market, which it will officially do this week! It doesn’t mean the work is over but I’m now looking for rental property then I’m in my new area, nearer my muse and our families.

It’s been too long without writing but I’m at least one step nearer each week which is great. Hopefully soon I will have a word count to share with you but for now I enjoy revelling in yours, even if it’s a minus figure because you’ve been editing.

Do leave a comment below to share your progress, successes and otherwise, and of course anything else that’s happened to you, writing related, over the past seven days.

One thought on “Word Count Wednesday: 4 May 2022

  1. Isabel Flynn says:

    I am busy participating in the Globe Soup challenge and competition having been given the genre of ‘Horror’. I don’t do Horror so freaking out. The theme is ‘an ethical dilemma’ . Interesting but scary . Also having a go in the AutoCrit Challenge of ‘community’ in less than 5000 words. So keeping busy with those as well as my flash fiction and family history stories.
    Sounds like you are still so busy with life changes but can see writing times ahead
    Cheers – Isabel


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