Word Count Wednesday: 29 June 2022

Good morning. Yes, it’s that time of the week again. How have you been getting on?

I must admit I’d forgotten about WCW yesterday until my trusty computer reminder flashed up at 5pm. Oops. I’d come up with a new idea a day or two earlier so thought I’d jot some notes – that’s a word count of sorts. So I did just that. Then felt inspired to write the opening (rather than the editing I’d planned). And did that too.

I ended up writing until 9pm and had a final total (plan and actual story) of 1,325. Hopefully at least the same by this time next week – two deadlines though so I’ll let you know.

Do leave a comment below to share your progress, successes and otherwise, and of course anything else that’s happened to you, writing related, over the past seven days.

2 thoughts on “Word Count Wednesday: 29 June 2022

  1. WorldWideWalkies says:

    Woo hooo – well done you.

    I’m getting behind with my writing. June was a busy month, considering I’m a retired person! Two ARCs, author software evaluation and absolute zero editing on my new book. I have finished off an information blog post on taking dogs to Albania, but need to get another travel blog written. I was ahead and now I’m slipping…


  2. WorldWideWalkies says:

    Woo hooo! Well done you.

    I’m getting behind with my writing. Two ARCs and an author software evaluation (very time consuming for a Luddite, but I was just the sort of idiot my friend needed to test it!)
    No editing on my new book and although I have completed a comprehensive info blog about taking dogs to Albania (masses of research required, since the info is not readily available,) my travel posts have got a little behind. I was ahead!


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