Word Count Wednesday: 31 Aug 2022

Good morning. Yes, it’s that time of the week again. How have you been getting on?

Being housebound, other than a trip to see the latest Minions movie (which we loved), has its advantages. I had deadlines coming up which meant I was almost entirely confined to the bedroom which meant quiet, which meant writing when I wasn’t working (editing). So by the close of Friday (10.22pm) I had just over 4,000 words written!

T being a cricket fan, I had already planned to work over the weekend (he was doing a 12-hour shift anyway Sunday daytime) but hoped for some writing time at some point. That said, Saturday was a bit of a write-off as I was working when not sleeping (thanks, ankle!) but Sunday was better and it meant I got a work book back a week early.

Monday again was a mix of sleep and work so no writing but I hoped to get a book back (due Wednesday) on Tuesday with a bit of writing time at the end. And I did but not until 8.30pm. T was working until 11pm so I thought I’d see how much I’d get done before he got home (or I fell asleep!). Thanks to a flat tyre T was late back but I’d already stopped at nearly 11.30 with the grand sum, for the week, of 6,602!

I’m really liking the story (just over 14k – going off to my editor as a swap for a 17k of his) so while I can’t guarantee the same word count next week, especially as I’m due back to hospital for an operation today (Wed) or Thursday, which will no doubt dent my progress, it doesn’t mean I can’t think about what happens next.

Do leave a comment below to share your progress, successes and otherwise, and of course anything else that’s happened to you, writing related, over the past seven days.

One thought on “Word Count Wednesday: 31 Aug 2022

  1. WorldWideWalkies says:

    Great progress! Well done – and the fact you like the story is even better.
    Hope you’re on the mend.
    I’ve managed to get a week ahead of myself with my blog, despite the last two posts being monsters, each about 3,000 words, and requiring so much research. A fresh take on visiting Pompeii and Vesuvius needs lots of research!
    If I can get far enough ahead on the blog, I can spare time to start editing my manuscript for book 6. Huzzah! I need to get on with that if I want to publish by Christmas.
    I’ve got two rainy days in Montenegro, so that helps!
    I’m a bit disappointed that I’ve not heard a dicky bird about the three paid assignments I had, particularly since I took time out of the other projects to hit their deadlines, but I guess that’s how such things go. At least the author interview has gone live today in fellow author Alyson Sheldrake’s wonderful Snapshot! newsletter, so that will hopefully be a bit of publicity. I will publish it on my blog on Sunday if anyone is interested in my writing life. And dogs. Lots of dogs.
    Have a great week! xx


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