Word Count Wednesday: 1 Feb 2023

Good morning. Yes, it’s that time of the week again. How have you been getting on?

I can’t believe it’s not… any other day of the week. They roll around so quickly don’t they. I technically have another zero this week – still endeavouring to keep ahead of work deadlines before my big move, which looks like early March but I’m hoping for a week earlier so I don’t have to pay another month’s rent and storage. #firstworldproblem

I did start (an A5 diary page of) a new piece last night but I don’t know what it’s going to be so doesn’t officially count. I like the idea though of writing something before bed then letting my subconscious (NB not unconscious – I see a lot of those in novels when the person’s thinking not asleep!) work on it overnight so I may do the same tonight. I’ll let you know.

On the non-writing bright side I’m also thinking of conservatories vs summer houses (I’ll probably get the latter as cheaper and quicker) instead of worrying about whether my sale’s going through (it did). I don’t actually mind these WCWs coming up so quickly. Not wishing my life away but it’s another seven days closer to having my own house again.

Do leave a comment below to share your progress, successes and otherwise, and of course anything else that’s happened to you, writing related, over the past seven days.

3 thoughts on “Word Count Wednesday: 1 Feb 2023

  1. Jacqueline Lambert @WorldWideWalkies says:

    Well, I got ahead last week and finally published the piece that had been stalling me because it was traumatic, then I’ve been on the road for almost a week and got behind again!
    We’re back in Blighty now, but luckily, our Italian data sim card is still working, which is a bonus. En route, it was a bit like going around the dark side of the Moon – no connectivity, which was a little awkward mid blog tour!
    The good news is I’ve written 1000 acceptable words which are almost polished enough to publish on my blog. The last 72 hours of our trip has also generated more than enough material for a blog, between crazy French officials, the border farce (blockading the port, police keeping order by helping to blockade the port, our truck starting to fade on uphills then being diverted through one of the hilliest parts of southern England and finding ourselves in a sunken lane at midnight with nowhere to turn around. That sort of thing!)
    And, I’ve had an author interview published by Tweetables.
    In it, you can discover how I am motivated by a gigantic chip on my shoulder, how my ‘Ready, FIRE, Aim’ approach to life gets me into trouble, plus how I cope with the realities of mobile life, negative reviews, and travelling full-time with four dogs! https://www.tweetables.com/2023/02/author-interview-jacqueline-lambert.html


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