Saturday Spotlight 1: Jackie Lambert

Hello everyone. Complementing the author spotlights I ran from 2011 to 2016, today’s Saturday Spotlight, the first, is of Jackie Lambert. If you would like to take part in a spotlight, do take a look at Saturday spotlights.

Jacqueline (Jackie) Lambert is an award-winning travel writer, real-life adventure traveller, and dogmother, who loves history and curious facts.

B.C. (Before Canines) she hurtled, slid down, submerged herself in, or threw herself off bits of every continent except Antarctica.

Then, with husband Mark, she gave up work and acquired four dogs.

A.D. (After Dog), Jackie and Mark accidentally bought a caravan (RV trailer), then got a little tipsy, decided to rent out the house, sell most of their possessions, and become Adventure Caravanners. Their aim: To Boldly Go Where No Van Has Gone Before – while getting in as much skiing, hiking, and windsurfing as possible.

Since quitting work, Jackie has published six light-hearted memoirs about her travels, and has been featured in several anthologies.

Her Adventure Caravanning With Dogs series is caravanning, but not as you know it.


And now from the author herself:

By training, I am a biochemist: a subject that captivates me, since it literally explains the secret of life.

I am endlessly curious, and even a slight understanding of the incredible, beautiful, and miraculously efficient chemical machinery that makes us all tick simply blows my mind.

During my career, I put science into practice in various ways. I held positions as a research scientist, professional beer taster, and European product manager for scientific equipment.

As a creator and avid gatherer of knowledge, I’ve had a lifelong love of the written word. I penned my first travel memoir when I was fourteen. It was an account of a multi-day horseback tour of the UK’s Lake District, following ancient pack pony routes. It came second in a national competition open to all age groups. The judges complimented the combination of fascinating facts and vivid descriptions, which remain a hallmark of what I love to read and write today.

I have always sought outlets for my writing, via work-related technical articles, newsletters, and training courses, as well as through my hobbies. I was the world’s most incongruous Windsurfing Team Rider for the UK’s National Watersports Festival. Most Team Riders are ripped twenty-something blond males. I was a slightly silvery-haired, cuddly fifty-something lady, but while my blogs and articles aimed to entertain the boys, I wanted to encourage the ladies to launch!

As an ambassador for Ratoong, I blog about skiing, and have contributed doggie/travel articles to international websites, such as Eurotunnel le Shuttle, Australia’s Travelnuity, and US-based Learning from Dogs.

Adventure and a passion for wild places are as much part of my DNA as writing. As a child, I rode horses bareback and scrambled down mountains on a rickety bicycle my grandad rescued from a skip. I suppose it’s little wonder I progressed on to bungee jumping, looping the loop, and fire eating my way around the world.

I was very fortunate to find and marry my soulmate, who shared my desire to give up work and explore. Mark and I didn’t win the lottery, and we haven’t had a windfall. Exactly as stated in the subtitle of my first book, we went From Wage Slaves To Living The Dream.

My books are for armchair travellers who want to enjoy our journeys and mishaps vicariously. However, I hope they also show that, with a little planning and sacrifice, you can live your dreams.

You can find more about Jackie and her writing via…

If you have ever considered giving up the daily grind and heading off into the sunset with surf boards on the roof, these books are for you.

  • Year 1 – Fur Babies in France – From Wage Slaves to Living the Dream: The true story of a couple who gave up work and sold up to tour full-time with four dogs. “Laugh out loud funny and a great travel guide.”
  • Dog on the Rhine – From Rat Race to Road Trip: Bestseller in German and Rhine Travel. The crew’s second year on the road in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Croatia. “An inspirational travelogue.”
  • Dogs ‘n’ Dracula – A Road Trip Through Romania: “Armchair travel delight.” Explore Europe’s largest wilderness with this award-winning memoir. Find out how to adopt a Transylvanian street dog, and tow a caravan across the Carpathian Mountains on one of the world’s most dangerous roads.
  • It Never Rains but it Paws – A Road Trip Through Politics And A Pandemic: “Her nimble writing rivals Bill Bryson and Paul Theroux.” A race against time to escape Britain before Brexit, only to be trapped in Europe’s No.1 coronavirus hotspot.
  • To Hel in a Hound Cart – Journey To The Centre Of Europe: “Go to Hel!” The local wasn’t being rude. She was describing Poland’s best beach and windsurfing destination. Released from lockdown in Italy and packed into their hound cart (RV), the crew cannot return home to the UK. Between precipitous cliff-side roads, political unrest, and a global pandemic, will our travellers – or their plans – go to Hel in a Hound Cart?
  • Pups on Piste – A Ski Season in Italy: “Don’t miss the turn or you’ll go over a cliff.” Spend three months with canine and human snomads in one of the world’s top 5 off piste ski destinations. “Highly recommended for dog lovers, ski enthusiasts, and adventure travellers.”

Jacqueline’s forthcoming books will chronicle her Brexit-busting plan to convert a 24.5-tonne ex-army truck called The Beast to drive to Mongolia.

The selection of 5* reviews are taken from Amazon.

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