Word Count Wednesday: 8 Feb 2023

Good morning. Yes, it’s that time of the week again. How have you been getting on?

I met a work deadline late (very late) Thursday and had another in progress but Sunday evening came and I did some writing! I’d spotted a free competition that invited max 500-word flash fiction and/or 30-lines max poem so I’ve had a go at both!

I’ve also been reading the latest Writing magazine in which was an advert for their Writer’s App. There are daily prompts (amongst a lot more; I’m yet to browse much further) so I wrote those on the relevant days in an old (almost empty due to Covid lockdowns) and a start or a summary synopsis for each one so far this month.

I’ve also been chopping prompts from newspapers for when I get teaching again (something I hope to do when I’m settled) and digging out jottings I’d made months (possibly years) ago to type up.

So while this week’s word count will be in the low hundreds I do feel there’s a light at the end of the museless tunnel. That’s probably helped by the fact we have a tentative date for the move; 3rd March, maybe 24th Feb if my seller’s had her baby already/soon. Keeping everything crossed.

Do leave a comment below to share your progress, successes and otherwise, and of course anything else that’s happened to you, writing related, over the past seven days.

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