500-word comp



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The yearly BeaconLit Festival is running its third 500-word (maximum) competition in collaboration with judge Gareth Davies. How it works:

  • There is a monthly deadline (see below) for entries, with the top three stories (from three different authors) from each month going through to the following May’s shortlist (of 27 entries), from which a final ten are picked.
  • You can enter (via the form below) as often as you like whenever you like but if you all enter in the final month (May, the tenth / final round), you’ll have more competition. It doesn’t make any difference which month you enter because you won’t know who else is submitting that month. If you submit in August and you’re not in the top three then you could enter again (with a different story) in September (or any other month). You can enter as often as you like whenever you like. Do enter more than once as it gives you a better chance of going through to the shortlist.
  • If you are selected in a particular month, do keep entering because the best ten overall stories will be chosen to receive prizes. No author can win more than one prize so if an author has more than one story in the top 27 then the best story from that author will be selected with the eleventh story / author then being ‘promoted’.
  • If you are unsuccessful, i.e. not in the top three each month, then you still have the story to send elsewhere and you’ll only have to wait until the following month (detailed below) to find out.
  • If you are in the top three, then you will have to wait until the final results are announced at the festival on 11th July 2020 and on the blog / website shortly thereafter. You can still of course mention your placement when submitting something else elsewhere.
  • Once the ten overall winners are announced, only the top three stories will be published so even if you are placed fourth to tenth, you can still submit your story elsewhere and can tell them you were in the top ten! The same goes if you are in the top 27 shortlist.
  • The results from each round will be announced on this blog and the literary festival’s website / blog with three ‘winners’ from each round going forward to the shortlist (of 27 authors / stories) which will be judged / announced the following June, and the final results announced at the following festival, i.e. July 2020.
  • Judge: Gareth Davies is the judge for each round and the final shortlist judging. His decision is final. 🙂
  • The top ten placed winners will be announced at the July literary festival, by one of the festival’s celebrity authors. See ‘Prizes’ below.

Deadlines / themes:

  • Round 1: First deadline: 30th September 2019 (theme = Norma knows best), results announced 15th October.
  • Round 2: Second deadline: 31st October (theme = sweet revenge), results announced 20th November.
  • Round 3: Third deadline: 30th November (theme = the fifth), results announced 23rd December.
  • Round 4: Fourth deadline: 31st December  (theme = a reunion), results announced 20th January.
  • Round 5: Fifth deadline: 31st January 2020 (theme = sweet and sour), results announced 18th February 2020.
  • Round 6: Sixth deadline: 28th February (theme = fourteen again), results announced 11th March.
  • Round 7: Seventh deadline: 31st March (theme = the spring), results announced 14th April.
  • Round 8: Eighth deadline: 30th April (theme = the female assassin), results announced 18th May.
  • Round 9: Ninth deadline: 31st May (theme = it’s in the stars), results to be announced mid June.
  • The final judging will then take place in June and the ten winners (see ‘Prizes’ on the BeaconLit page below) announced at the literary festival on 11th July 2020. With everything going on, we’re still hoping to bring you the festival but should it not take place then the results will be announced, and top 3 stories published as planned, on the BeaconLit websites.

For further details, see the https://beaconlitblog.wordpress.com/500-word-competition page.