To-date I have contributed to five books (in chronological order):

Author and editor Alana Woods approached me in 2012 when compiling this book, asking me about second-person point of view, so I (and this blog) get a mention in that section. 🙂

To find this book…

US etc.:



Firstly, apologies to any publishers reading this (I know some do visit my blog and appear on it!), the title wasn’t my mine but I do think the eBook is great. 🙂

I’m one of the 40 contributing authors (I’m no.7): ‘The Ebook Revolution’.

To access your free copy click here (also available at Smashwords and Amazon).

To read more about it visit Hayley’s website.


  • Introduction
  • One: Success as a Self-Publisher by Beth Orsoff
  • Two: The Secret Myth of Traditional Publishing by Dean Wesley Smith
  • Three: You’ve got Nothing to Lose by David Jay Ramsden
  • Four: Freedom by Steve Carter and Antoinette Ryder
  • Five: The Future was Never Brighter for the Indie Author by Timothy Lee
  • Six: Robbed! by R.J. Hamilton
  • Seven: The Ebook Revolution by Morgen Bailey
  • Eight: My thoughts on Self-Publishing by Aliyah Burke
  • Nine: Writing the Book by Brendan Gerad O’Brien
  • Ten: Creating Characters by C.S. Marks
  • Eleven: Authenticity in Fiction by G.M. Frazier
  • Twelve: Redrafting and the Magic Cupboard by Hayley Sherman
  • Thirteen: In Praise of Editors by C.S. Marks
  • Fourteen: The Writing Bug by JD Nixon
  • Fifteen: Nine Golden Rules (Part One) by Mel Keegan
  • Sixteen: Beginning with Nothing by Kirsty Fox
  • Seventeen: It Takes a Village to Bring a Novel to Life by Gerard O’Keeffe
  • Eighteen: Getting Ready to Publish by Maggie Barclay
  • Nineteen: The DIY Approach by Michael Wilson
  • Twenty: Five Places to Self-Publish Your Ebook by L.J. Sellers
  • Twenty-One: A Few Ideas to get You Started by Joseph Lallo
  • Twenty-Two: The Formatting Nightmare by Captain Peter Cain
  • Twenty-Three: Investing in Your Own Ebook by L.J. Sellers
  • Twenty-Four: What Does it Take to Become a Full-Time Indie Author? by Lindsay Buroker
  • Twenty-Five: Becoming a Bestseller by Terri Reid
  • Twenty-Six: Just Do It! by Lexi Revellian
  • Twenty-Seven: Publishing Full-Colour Books with Lulu by Alex Ritsema
  • Twenty-Eight: An Unknown Author’s Publishing Experience by Arnold R. Beckhardt
  • Twenty-Nine: In Hot Pursuit of Happiness by Ciggie Cramond
  • Thirty: My Rocky Road to Publication by Sybil Nelson
  • Thirty-One: From Imagination to Publication by Pete Darman
  • Thirty-Two: Success and the Death Threat by T.M. Nielson
  • Thirty-Three: Four Questions About Ebook Publishing by Iza Moreau
  • Thirty-Four: You Never Know… by C.S. Marks
  • Thirty-Five: Self-Publishing by Curtis Ackie
  • Thirty-Six: Why Can’t I? by Diana Mylek
  • Thirty-Seven: You Reap What You Sow by German Alcala
  • Thirty-Eight: I Left My Publisher, Gave Up on Bookstores and Started Making Money by L.J. Sellers
  • Thirty-Nine: Self-publishing: A Personal Journey by Fionna Barr
  • Forty: Nine Golden Rules (Part Two) by Mel Keegan
  • Forty-One: The Dark Side of Free by Russell Blake
  • Forty-Two: Indie Translators: Money is Waiting by Scott Nicholson
  • Forty-Three: Getting Print Copies into Libraries by Ilyan Kei Lavanway
  • Forty-Four: After you publish: How to Market Your Books by Michael J. Sullivan
  • Useful Resources

And all for the price of a cup of air. 🙂


I had a short story ‘First Impression’ in the Writers for Welfare charity anthology ‘Telling Tales’, sold in aid of Norfolk Hospice. Sadly it is no longer in print so if bought one it could be worth money in years to come. 🙂

It is (was):

  • 193 pages
  • Contributions from 20 authors
  • 29 short stories
  • 5 poems
  • All written by members of the Writers for Welfare Facebook group
  • ISBN no.9781471618369
  • First Edition
  • Published by Moonworks Publishing
  • Measures 15.24cm wide x 22.86cm high
  • Weighs 0.34 kg
  • And “because Telling Tales is not genre specific, everybody will find something to tickle their fancy, whether you enjoy reading horror or romance, thrillers or comedy”.


AW 2013 AnthologyOn 2nd June 2014 I was told my story in the Aspiring Writers 2013 Anthology was published as a paperback from CreateSpace, other authors are Betsy A Riley, Mike OlleyRandall LemonCarrol FixTony DalyCarolyn EganPadma NarayanaswamyTim MooneyDaron HensonMario DimainLaura RittenhouseDan MarvinDavid MillsMorgen Bailey (oh yes, that’s me), Helen LaycockShirley ScurlockRuth Ann HixsonMadeline CoelhoAlli VaughanWilliam Roy Pipes, and Judy Odenheimer. This anthology contains the first, second, and third place winners from the 2013 Aspiring Writers monthly short story and poetry challenges. Writers have only two weeks to craft a story or poem meeting the challenge.


Storms Lies WildCardsThen four days later, on the 6th June 2014, I had an email from the lovely people at Surrey-based The Other Publishing Company to say that my story ‘Off By Heart’ has been published in an eight-story anthology called ‘Storms, Lies and Wildcards’ (pictured right), available on and Writers from all over the world took up the challenge and here, in the judges’ opinion, are the best of them — the winning stories that entertained, intrigued and amused, standing out from the crowd for their imaginative approach and ingenuity. The writers of these stories took on a difficult challenge and made little pieces of reading pleasure from a very tight brief. Here you’ll find romance, death, love and family trauma — little slices of life told in just a few words. And as a bonus, the stories have been brought to life by the evocatively beautiful illustrations of Eve Yarnton.
Storms, Lies and Wildcards – little reading pleasures.

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