Life Lessons Project

Hello everyone. I’m collaborating on an ongoing project where contributors share their tips for life, with the idea of helping those who read them. The aim is to gather life lessons on a variety of topics, large and small, whether it be health, wealth and happiness or love, loss and everything life throws at us.

There’s no payment but if you’d like to be involved, please complete the form below. If you have a website, that link will be included so a form of promotion for your time. When the project is complete – we’re hoping summer 2019 and updated thereafter – the details will be posted on this page and social media.

There’s no guarantee that your comment/s will be included as we’re sure there will be duplications but we’ll try to include at least one ‘tip’ per contributor. The form allows for five comments (of no more than 50 words each) so if you’d like to submit more than five, please complete more than one form, clicking the ‘submit’ button each time.

Example submission:

Health: Don’t worry what others think of you. Be happy in your own skin.