I don’t write much poetry but I do plan to gather what I have together and put it out as an eBook (after probably much editing, I hasten to add) at some stage. Here is a sample…

Three Quarters of a Whole
A photo capturedThree quarters of a family pose for a photo
Taken by a mother…of her husband, daughter, son.
Photographer-father now the subject of the snap
Captured in time and showered in love.

I found the picture while up in my loft
Buried in a box, overlooked til now.
A forgotten picture of unforgotten people
A family united in a happier time.

The daughter, me, stands in Sunday best.
The proud father holds me, a supporting role.
The son, my brother, sits beside me on the car
With a cheeky grin, he still often wears.

The family, now the subject of a faded print
In a wooden frame weathered with age and dust.
The flicks of trapped flies now sealed in death.
A loving time remembered for the people within.

My father’s moustache slightly greying with age
Shows signs of his half-life, thirty-six years past
Thirty-six to go and loving every second.
At ‘three score years and ten’, still pleased with his lot.

Two years later he passed away
A loss to his friends, children, wife.
Then three days later, the Twin Towers crumbled
Life became perspective, for us once more.

The father, a grandfather-in-thought perhaps.
Now no showing, loving, receiving or giving
Not here for the special things we want to share –
The weddings, the children, the travels, the fun.

So now the family is again just three quarters
Mother, daughter and son – husband/father gone.
Life passes quickly, we’re all so busy
Achieving the things, we know he’d be proud.

The picture now sits in the corner of my lounge
The home he helped, years ago, to update
Photographer-father now the subject of the snap
Captured in time and showered in love.



2 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. JJ Alleson says:

    Morgen, this is a beautifully evocative and moving piece; I defy anyone not to get a tear in their eye on reading it. As you say, it’s ‘showered in love’ indeed. Thank you for sharing.


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