SADM 2011

SADM 2011 cover smallStory A Day May 2011 comprises the 31 short stories and flash fiction written from daily prompts given during May 2011. No prompt information, no author comments, just the stories themselves. Inspired by the Story A website.

Characters include the heart-tugging ‘Threadbare Girl’ (who we meet early on then conclude with), a blue-blooded couple with a rocking horse, husbands and wives seeking revenge, an alien on a blind date, a grandfather afraid of heights, two historical figures, a young girl with a very vivid imagination, a mother’s desperate hospital visit and others portraying random acts of kindness. We have the Bermuda Triangle, the Wild West and more than one shaggy dog story. From Chelsea buns to casseroles we share highs and lows but they all go to show what can be done with a prompt, a few hours and a colourful imagination.

Below is the full index of stories (click here for the prompts)…

  1. Over
  2. A Military Couple (part one)
  3. Holding Her Hand
  4. May The Fourth Be With You
  5. Ghost
  6. The Threadbare Girl (part one)
  7. Do It Right Or Get Off the Horse
  8. Whatever You Say
  9. Norman The Conqueror
  10. Late
  11. The Big Game
  12. A Military Couple (part two – A Different Perspective)
  13. The Houseguest
  14. A Story For Amelia Earhart
  15. Alternate Reality
  16. A Scientifically Unexplained Occurrence
  17. Daphne The Tour Guide
  18. A Broken Dart / Of Moonlight – Splintered On The Sea
  19. Man Overboard
  20. In The Stars
  21. Court (A Shaggy Dog Story)
  22. The Case That Sherlock Couldn’t Crack
  23. She Suspects
  24. Sparkly Blue
  25. Don’t
  26. Into The Wild Blue Yonder
  27. They Said It Couldn’t Be Done
  28. Feeling Like A Child Again
  29. Small Town Drama
  30. The Lake At Dusk
  31. The Threadbare Girl (part two)

The 2011 collection is on Smashwords at just $0.99 (c.£0.75), which works out at 5c/3p a story. 🙂

All three collections are also available on and for the same price (details of the other collections can be found here)

Reviews received to-date for ‘Story A Day May 2011’ (stories only):

  • 5* on Smashwords: “31 stories, each of them gems. Short ‘quick hit’ fiction suited to a short attention lifestyle.”
  • 5* on Smashwords: “Just finished reading this. I’m astonished by the range. Although I was OVERCOME with delight by the story, ‘Over’, by far my favorite was the tiny gem ‘Alternate Reality’. This could be the seed for a much larger piece. ‘The Big Game’ was clever – I wanted to learn more, and I guess that’s what every reader wants from a story they like. This was a lot of fun!”
  • but be warned there are quite a few spoilers.
  • 5* on Smashwords: “In 31 fascinating stories, Morgen Bailey’s STORY A DAY MAY (STORIES) compels the Oedipus in us to find answers to the riddles that her sometimes playful, sometimes strange, and sometimes puzzling perspectives so Sphinxlike present.”
  • An honourable mention on 🙂
  • 5* on Amazon: “This inspired collection of stories is all the more remarkable as it was written as the author’s response to the “story a day” challenge. Some of the stories are linked, such as The Threadbare Girl parts 1 and 2 (these have also been published separately, such is the quality of this chilling tale), and A Military Couple part 1 which is very cleverly re-told in part 2 from another’s perspective. Morgen Bailey expresses volumes in a few words as she introduces us to unforgettable characters such as the delightful Phyllis in They Said It Couldn’t Be Done, young Bessie who mothers a lost boy in Into The Wild Blue Yonder, and Sonya struggling to choose between her diet and four chelsea buns in May The Fourth Be With You. The scope of the stories is far reaching in time and place. We have dinner with an alien in Alternate Reality and are left speculating uneasily about a forthcoming trip in The Big Game. As Amelia’s grandfather says in A Story For Amelia Earheart: “…you can go anywhere your imagination will take you.” I warmly recommend readers to look inside Morgen Bailey’s treasure box of stories; there are many fine diamonds and pearls to discover.” wow 🙂
Review received to-date for ‘Story A Day May challenge version (no longer available):
  • 5* on Smashwords: “Although I only downloaded this book yesterday, I have read most of the stories last night and was very impressed with the contents. Morgen Bailey is obviously a very talented writer, with a very vivid imagination and an excellent use of language. Including the daily prompts for each story certainly adds to the enjoyment of the book, as I will probably also try to write my own set of stories using the same prompts. If I wasn’t so busy at the moment completing unfinished work, I would probably have tried to do this year’s May challenge, but maybe next year…”
  • Comment on my Facebook page: “The book is packed with clever, interesting and well written short stories. I’m not only enjoying it, I’m learning from it too.”

Short stories are my favourite format to write and read so there will be many more to come, either individually as freebies or $0.99 anthologies as well as the occasional novella or three. 🙂

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