SADM 2013

Late April 2011 I discovered and the project that is to write 31 stories in 31 days. Anyone who knows me or follows this blog, knows how passionate I am about short stories so my clichéd eyes lit up at this new marvel. And just a few days later there I was, breathing life into new characters. This went on to become (after editing of course) my 31-story collection eBook Story A Day May 2011.

I then went on to repeat the exercise in 2012 and 2013 (below) which are also available via and The 2013 volume contains the following 31 stories…

  • beach a 167333 smallWednesday 1st May: prompt: to write a Drabble (a 100-word story) – How the Drabble came about (100 words).
  • Thursday 2nd May: prompt: use a picture from – The Quarrymen (second-person story) (303 words).
  • Friday 3rd May: prompt: character-led – It’s Not You, It’s Me (279 words).
  • Saturday 4th May: prompt: an obituary – R.I.P. Lenny ‘Shades’ Froug (544 words).
  • Sunday 5th May: prompt: inspiration from Wikipedia – The Thing and the Nameless Page (834 words).
  • Monday 6th May: prompt: untravelled location – Sally never listened (588 words).
  • Tuesday 7th May: prompt: first person point of view – Quiet and noisy (812 words).
  • Wednesday 8th May: prompt: second-person pov – The last thing you think about (330 words).
  • Thursday 9th May: prompt: third person limited – What cost a human life? (226 words).
  • Friday 10th May: prompt: third person omniscient – Death & Life (1,048 words)
  • Saturday 11th May: prompt: submission piece – Dating Paradise (60 words).
  • Sunday 12th May: prompt: set at a wedding – Making up the numbers (162 words).
  • Monday 13th May: prompt:write the story of Sam Chase, who has a mysterious past and an uncertain future – A win-win all round (310 words).
  • Tuesday 14th May: prompt: finish a story that starts, “On the edge of the mountain, silhouetted against the setting sun, there is a small ramshackle cottage made of wood.” – The Ramshackle Writer (412 words).
  • Wednesday 15th May: prompt: write a story based on the song title, “Beyond The Blue Horizon”. – Beyond The Blue Horizon (a sci-fi story!) (770 words).
  • Thursday 16th May: prompt: Future (Im)Perfect — What if [hot button issue you care about] has [come to pass/been squelched]. 10 years from now, what does the world look like? – Progress (409 words).
  • Friday 17th May: prompt: speed – Worth every penny (147 words).
  • Saturday 18th May: prompt: bubble – Bubble and squeak (169 words).
  • Sunday 19th May: prompt: Jamie stood in the wreckage of his ransacked house, trying to take it all in – Wreckage (432 words).
  • Monday 20th May: prompt: 16-year-old antagonist – Before Jessica (253 words).
  • Tuesday 21st May: prompt: fragile protagonist – Leaving a gap (984 words).
  • Wednesday 22nd May: prompt: Natalie, missing dog, gun, running water – Human Unfriendly (295 words).
  • Thursday 23rd May: prompt: picture of dog and chewed cat toy – It Wasn’t Me (831 words).
  • Friday 24th May: prompt: a resolved noise – Scratch, squeak, bark (140 words).
  • Saturday 25th May: prompt: start with the ending and work backwards – All-inclusive package (558 words).
  • Sunday 26th May: prompt: official, corpulent, totem, panic, scratching, delicious – His job depended on it (100 words).
  • Monday 27th May: prompt: holidays – Eight a year (145 words).
  • Tuesday 28th May: prompt: children, good and bad – Billy No Mates (300 words).
  • Wednesday 29th May: prompt: thwarted character – Talking when we could be walking (654 words).
  • Thursday 30th May: prompt: the non-memoir – Petrified (1,250 words).
  • Friday 31st May: prompt: when one door closes – Plenty more fish (724 words).

Details of the other collections can be found here.


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