365-Day Writer’s Block Workbook (Vol 2)

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*** BREAKING NEWS!! Vols 1&2 (months one)
are now available as online courses
and the whole books as paperbacks! ***

Volume 2 is now available and based on a similar format to Volume 1 but three sets of five keywords per day – one set, two sets or for a real challenge, all three sets, to be included in your story or poem. Volume 2 is available as an eBook from SmashwordsAmazon.comAmazon.co.uk (and other Amazon countries) at $0.99 / c.£0.80 each, and via Amazon and CreateSpace $6.99 / £4.99 each (paperback).

The introduction and first day read like this…

Welcome to ‘The 365-day Writer’s Block Workbook (Volume 2)’.

Writer’s Block is all too often the result of an author over-thinking, caught up with details and the task of planning ahead. Sometimes all that’s needed is to just write something to get the mind working.

As the title would suggest, this book provides you with inspiration for every day of the year. If you happen to pick up this book during a leap year then enjoy the day off!

Volume 1 contained over 1,000 sentence starts with information on points of view, tenses, and a tip a week. This volume contains three sets of five keywords per day, still with a tip at the end of each week, inspired by some of the given keywords.

The idea with keywords is to use them within your story (or poem). You can use them in any order and if want to tweak them, e.g. water to waterfall, then feel free to.

I have provided three sets per day so that at least (hopefully) one set will inspire you, but you can of course mix and match, and pick five out of the fifteen words… or more, or for a real challenge, use all fifteen.

My blog is morgenbailey.wordpress.com and email is morgen@morgenbailey.com. I’d love to know how you get on, to hear from you with feedback on any of my eBooks, my writing, or anything writing-related. It’s what I do for a living (including teaching) and it never feels like ‘work’.

The intention of this book is to help when you’re stuck and if something you read here helps you further, and gets you writing, then my work is done.

Morgen Bailey




  • land, voice, tax, cartoon, font
  • hair, press, palm, knotted, lilac
  • execute, drive, interesting, sixties, connection


  • kind, wonderful, chicken, yoghurt, after
  • layer, clever, worry, toe, turn
  • careful, laugh, hide, view, get


  • stage, photograph, project, page, discover
  • music, light, secret, bang, repeat
  • plot, redden, super, path, cottage


  • edge, egg, envelope, elephant, easel
  • breath, merry, stand-up, private, blade
  • smile, right, scarf, stare, enough


  • twist, walk, wrong, pretend, hello
  • money, great, sort, now, flower
  • Glasgow, traffic, twenty, steam, poppy


  • everyone, alright, close, tunnel, lies
  • torch, pop, swallow, beige, snow
  • mist, second, square, blue, half


  • return, request, pay, don’t, stop
  • electric, mild, explicit, hold, ill
  • thing, try, thank, treat, thick

TIP OF THE WEEK: Day 6 prompts contains the word ‘pop’. It is the type of word that suggests the source of the sound that it described (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Onomatopoeia for a full explanation). I would always recommend reading your writing out loud because you will not only spot mistakes easier but having onomatopoeic words make it more fun to listen to.


Reviews for this eBook:

  • 5* on Amazon.co.ukLooking at a white page, the brightness reflecting the blankness in your mind? Reach for this book, find today and start playing with the words offered. Write them out and look. There, your page isn’t blank, the whiteness has learned to hold type. You have started so now you only need to keep going. Let the prompt words frolic in your mind, see where a prompt can take you. Each week you get a useful tip too. This is a lovely example of an author helping others to overcome white page paralysis.
  • 4* on Amazon.co.ukI bought this book to use as a guide for the creative workshops I give. It is what it says on the tin.
  • 5* on Amazon.com: This book is a big help for writer’s and non-writer’s alike it will help those who write as well as the up and coming. I have read and learned so much and I just enjoyed reading it and it taught me so much!!!
  • 5* on Amazon.com: I really enjoyed this book. The 365-Day writers Block Book. There is no way you could have writers block with this book around! It gives you daily topics to write on which with just this one book, you could be kept busy for years! Must read for writers!


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