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January’s free 100-word competition is now open!

*** PLEASE check your word count (100 words exactly – no more, no less – EXcluding title) and do submit more than one story to give yourself a better chance of being placed. ***

Hello everyone. Yes, December’s competition is closed, with the results due to be announced on Friday 12th January. The theme for January is ‘sweater’ which you can now submit and any time during until Wednesday 31st January (midnight UK time).

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A 100-word competition ‘heads up’

Hello. I’ve been going through the entries received so far for this month’s competition. There are some belters but there were a couple that I read (twice) and went “Huh?” when I got to the end. They’ve therefore not made the cut (even at this early stage) and both are the only stories submitted by their authors so this is a reminder that if you’ve not submitted three stories this month, then do submit another couple (no one yet has submitted two, so either one or three). It might be you missing out. You’ve got until midnight (UK time) on Sunday 31st, so over a week, with the theme of ‘A sign of hope’ so plenty of scope… as the poet said to the other poet! Good luck.

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Writing Competitions and you… success? near miss? the judge? Let me know!

Hello everyone. I’m Writers’ Forum magazine’s Competitive Edge columnist and I’d love to know whether you have entered any writing competitions (of any type), and have been successful, a runner-up perhaps, or been unsuccessful but have learned from the experience, have advice for other entrants, or maybe you’re a competition judge and have some tips on entering (and funny stories to tell!).

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Are you doing NaNoWriMo?

Hello. I’m doing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month – see again this year and am a tad behind…

Day 1: 814 done, 853 behind.

Day 2: 1,455 done, 1,065 behind.

but the weekend’s coming up and I try not to do any work work at the weekends. I’m not going anywhere other than popping into one of our local bookshops (one of my stockists!) so no excuse to have no only caught up but be storming ahead, ready for work work again on Monday… lots of lovely client editing to do.

So, are you doing NaNoWriMo? Are you, unlike me, starting something new, or, like me, continuing a work in progress. In my case, I started it back in April 2014 and had only done 22,324 words since then, much to my frustration. Which is why I need NaNoWriMo… and I need it ever month. I should be able to find time to write 1,667 words ever day… shouldn’t I?

Let me know how you’re getting on.


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