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Hello everyone. If you’d like help with your writing, or just love talking about anything writing related, and you’re on Facebook, you’re welcome to join 100+ (and growing) of us at my free weekly live Q&A chat. It’s where members can post their questions and we all pitch in with our answers. We do this throughout the week but I’m (almost) guaranteed to be there from 7pm to 9pm (UK time) – in two hours – every Monday so much quicker replies.

To join us click here:, answer the three question (What do you write? / What do you need most help with (if known)? / How can you contribute to the group?) then wait for me to approve you. See you there!

I also run a free anonymous (only I know who’s who) email critique swap for flash fiction, short stories or novel extracts – see Morgen’s (Free) Email Critique Group. There are also links on that page to non-fiction, script and poetry swaps.

NEW: Morgen’s Monday Mentorship!

Are you stuck on your story, novel, poem or non-fiction piece and want expert help?

On 19th March 2018, I created a mentorship group on Facebook offering a dedicated two-hour Q&A where you can pick my brains, with the opportunity for group chat the rest of the week.

It’s a subscription-only closed group with a one-off £20 / US$20 / AS$20 / €20 fee (via PayPal (to fee. This includes a free full edit on up to 2,000 words (see Editing and Critique) which you can send me at any time (after you’ve subscribed of course).

Once you have paid the one-off fee, go to the group ( and ask to join and I will add you.

Every Monday* evening (7.30pm to 9.30pm UK time), I will be your mentor for a two-hour live session when you can ask me anything you like about writing!

Of course it doesn’t stop you asking questions at other times (by creating a new comment) but it won’t be live so you may have to wait for answers. I will keep an eye on the thread and post at least one reply to each comment before the following Monday.

The sooner you subscribe, the more mentorship you receive within the group! I do offer one-to-one email mentorship but there is an extra fee (see the Editing and Critique page).

*There will be occasions when I’m unable to be at my desk on a Monday evening, e.g. when I’m booked to do a ‘real’ talk but I will be available the day before or day after (i.e. the Sunday or Tuesday) at the same time, 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

Freebie eBook and question from writer Michael Ross

Hello everyone. I know you don’t usually hear from me unless it’s a guest piece, book review or I set you some writing exercises, but tonight I have something a little different.

Michael Ross coverBeing Black Friday, you’re probably busy grabbing all those last-minute (or in Amazon’s case last-second) bargains and here’s another one for you… a freebie actually.

Author Michael Ross has made his short story collection Twenty Short Stories – Settling a Score free for the next three days (today, tomorrow, Sunday), and as he says, “A good way not to spend money on Black Friday”. You can download it from or for those of us in the UK (yep, I have it and will be reviewing it in February) from

Now for those of you eagle-eyed readers who spotted the second part of this blog post’s title, Michael also has a question for you so I’m handing you over to the man himself to explain…

I am in my final year of a part time 6-year course at Bristol University. For my final dissertation (The BIG one), I have penciled in the following for my essay. “The short story – why is it not longer?” Do you think you and @your@ people would like to offer a suggestion or two?

Of course you would because you’re so lovely. So to do so, and feel the warm glow of helping a fellow writer for the time it takes to drink a cup of tea (unless you’re like me and have little milk so it takes a while… and my other half would say I cut a short story long!)… please contact Michael with your suggestion (or three – he asked for two but I did say you were lovely) via email (preferred) or you can leave a comment below and I’ll pass it on. Thank you.

I’m going off now to make a cup of tea (Typhoo One Cup, in case you’re curious, with a little bit of tea, little bit of sugar, little bit of milk) and ponder Michael’s question…