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currently run seven writing-related and two I.T. courses (listed below) for Northamptonshire County Council at various locations in and around Northamptonshire, England (click here for a breakdown of each course). 

I am bringing these courses online – three are already available (end June 2015), see the links below. The rest will be available in the next coming weeks. Most are priced at a very reasonable £7 / $9 to £19 / c.$30.

They are based on the format of those listed below and run via independent educational websites (using video, audio and text-based learning). Unlike some online courses, mine will be ongoing and would start whenever you wanted them to start, and split into several video lectures (with quizzes) so you can work at your own pace.

Feel free to email me or complete the form below for more information…

In-person and online:

  • creative writing – beginners (online price: t.b.a.)
  • creative writing – intermediate (online price: t.b.a.)
  • writing genres (online price: t.b.a.)
  • plan and write a novel (online price: t.b.a.)
  • ideas and inspiration series (online price: £7 / $9 per volume)
  • short stories and flash fiction (online price: t.b.a.)
  • editing your fiction (online price: £19 / $30)
  • eBooking (online price: £7 / $9)
  • blogging (online price: £7 / $9)

Online only – three available to-date via Udemy, the rest following July / August 2015:

  • make your book pitch-ready (price: £19 / c.$30)
  • writer’s block workbook – volume 1 (£7 / $9)
  • writer’s block workbook – volume 2 (£7 / $9)
  • entering writing competitions (price: £7 / $9)
  • scenarios monthly series – a series of volumes designed to last 31 days each providing 31 scenarios plus three exercises per scenario and tip every day! (price: £7 / $9)
  • writing tips – part 1: 30 tips and 90+ exercises to spark your creativity – (price: £19 / c.$30)
  • writing tips – part 2: 30 tips and 90+ exercises to enhance your writing – price: £19 / c.$30)
  • creating compelling characters (price: £19 / c.$30)
  • dynamic dialogue (price: £19 / c.$30)
  • and anything else I can think of…

See Northampton Writing Courses for a breakdown of each course.

If you are interested in any of my courses or if there a writing course you’d like to do that I’ve not listed, please either email me or complete the form below…


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