Poetry Critiquers

Hello. In mid-2018, I set up Morgen’s (Free) Email Critique Group but this just covers novel extracts, short stories and flash fiction. If you would like to swap your poems with others willing to do so, please complete the form below and I’ll add you to this page.

(Click for: Non-Fiction Critiquers or Script Critiquers)

NB. This will mean that the contact details you provide will appear publically (on this page) so if you don’t want to share your email address but have a website with a contact form similar to the one below, feel free to provide that link too.

Disclaimer:I have no control over offsite exchanges, only  the content appearing on these three relevant subpages. Please be nice to each other and provide fair feedback.

Critiquers signed up so far:

  • Alexis Thompson:  lexithompson53@yahoo.com (“I’m a young student who doesn’t know much but has been writing poetry forever. I love slam poetry.”)
  • Craig Banning: alfredstifism@gmail.com.
  • Doug Smith: dougmsmith52@yahoo.com (“A poet and novelist, about to have published a book of poetry by small indy press; have desire to connect with other poets to critique each others work.”)
  • Matt Earl: mattearl1964@hotmail.co.uk
  • Nolan Watson: ncwatson13@gmail.com
  • Rae Smithson: r.stanton85@hotmail.co.uk (“I have written poetry since childhood but had no formal training. I write as a compulsion and uncontrollable drive, mainly for myself. However, I would love to start sharing my efforts and see what others think.”)
  • Terri Mertz: rrats123@gmail.com (“I have studied poetry, and while I seldom write it myself, I am willing and able to critique others’ poetry.”)

If you would like to appear on this page, please complete the form below…