I’m not currently taking new
ghostwriting fiction projects –
see below for recommendation

For ghostwriting (and editing/proofing) enquiries, please contact:

Graham at mailto:publishing@fadingstreet.com

More information at: www.fadingstreet.com


Morgen’s published works so far (as herself or a pen name)…

Some of the books Morgen has edited…

I primarily write crime and women’s fiction stories but am prepared to write in other genres (not historical, SFF, horror). Please bear in mind though that these are also the only genres I currently read, write and edit so you should have some knowledge of the genre you want me to write in before commissioning me so you can make any amendments you wish to when you go through the story/novel (see process stages below). I do not ghostwrite non-fiction.

You can read After Jessica, a free novella of mine, to get a feel for my writing, via links on my website’s page.

As you can see from the second picture above, I am a professional editor working for publishers and independent authors. While I can’t guarantee that there will not be any mistakes in your story, my standards are high. I am a native British English speaker and would use British English spelling and grammar unless you specifically ask that I use US English. I predominantly use Word but can offer Scrivener as an alternative.

I will only take projects that I think I can do well. I reserve the right to decline any project offered.

Please email me if you have any queries or to discuss.

Turnaround (based upon existing workload)

  • Up to 1,000 words: one week for the story upon confirmation of the commission and receipt of full payment – see ‘Charges’ below.
  • Up to 5,000 words: a story of this size would usually have a two-week turnaround.
  • Each 10,000 words would take an average of one month, i.e.: 10,000 = one month; 20,000 = two months; 50,000 words = 5 months etc.
  • Timelines dependent upon existing projects, but these are the maximums I would hope to take on your story.


  • £50 (€58 / US$63 / CA$85 / AS$93) per 1,000 words regardless of length.
    Minimum fee: £20 (€23 / US$25 / CA$34 / AS$37).
  • Payment via PayPal (to morgen@morgenbailey.com).
  • Short stories up to 5,000 words – the entire amount paid in advance. I will write as close as I can to the agreed word count.
  • Projects in excess of 5,000 words – 50% paid in advance, the balance due within 14 days of story finalisation/return to the author. The balance will depend upon final word count and will be calculated pro-rata so if the final story is 79,443 words, that’s all you’ll pay for.

The process

  1. You email me your idea for a story and the word count (approximately) you would like me to work to via Components template. Please advise anything you wish me not to include, e.g. swearing etc. or specifics such as speech marks or inverted commas for speech etc. should you have a preference. You can also download the components template as a pdf.
  2. We discuss this via an email exchange including the fee due, payment and delivery timescales.
  3. Terms agreed and deposit/full* payment received (*dependent upon word count – see above ‘Charges’).
  4. I write your story and may be in touch with you for clarification of any areas and / or to run suggestions past you.
  5. I put the story away for at least a day so it’s not so fresh in my mind when I return to it. This is revision #1.
  6. I return to it and make edits while listening to the document on my Kindle Fire’s text-to-speech function.
  7. The book then comes back to you. You can obviously take as long as you need to go through the story.
  8. If there are changes to be made you can either return the story/novel to me with your comments as Track Changes, as notes in an email, or however you would like to advise. This is revision #2.
  9. I go through the book once more (listening and reviewing on the screen) and send you a final copy as a Word .docx or .doc (whichever you prefer) and optional .pdf.
  10. The story is now yours to do with as you wish!

This information can be downloaded via this link: Ghostwriting info.

The components templates again as a Word document or pdf.


The (not so) small print:

  • The fee above includes the above two mentioned revisions. Any further amendments will be charged at 25% of the original rate.
  • Unless requested otherwise, the document will be formatted as standard: Times New Roman font size 12, single spaced (I can amend to 1.5 or double spaced if you prefer), with the first paragraph of each section/chapter flush to the left with subsequent paragraphs indented 2-3 spaces. It will start with the title page. There will be no copyright page, footnotes, headers, footers (other than page numbers if required).
  • The story written will naturally be in my ‘voice’ and style* so you will likely want to make changes so it is more how you would have written it. *You can read ‘After Jessica’, a full free novella of mine, to get a feel for my writing, via links on my website’s page.
  • I cannot be held responsible for any errors unchecked by the author before submitting to any printers, publishers, agents or editors, or submitting to a competition.
  • If the balance is not paid within the fourteen-day deadline after return of finished manuscript, I reserve the right to charge interest on the balance – unless we agree, via written email, to a delay.
  • If the balance is still unpaid one month after the final version is returned – unless a delay has been agreed, and certainly if there has been no communication received, I reserve the right to retain the copyright to the work or works and publish the story under my name or pen name.
  • I cannot guarantee that your story will be unique. Although there are only a certain amount of plots, I will advise you if anything you ask me to write feels familiar or runs any risk of bearing too close a similarity to other works written by me or any that I am aware of. Ideas and titles are not copyright.
  • If you do not have a title for the story in advance, I will provide suggestions during the writing process. You are welcome to choose one of those or change the title (and story wording) at any point.
  • You are welcome to request an advance viewing of the story at any stage, especially if we have not worked together before so you can gain confidence that we are sharing the same idea. Obviously, the more specific you are at the start, the more helpful it is to me in getting as close to your vision of the finished product as possible.
  • The latest version of these notes will be included in email correspondence as they will be correct at the time of our initial agreement but are subject to ongoing change on this page.
  • You are welcome to include me as a contributor when publishing on Amazon (or elsewhere). This will mean that your book appears on my Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk (and other countries where applicable) so you will get extra exposure and hopefully more readers!
  • I do also provide a service where I will write a ‘unique story‘ but the copyright remains with me. It is not yours exclusively and it may be published by me at some point under my name or pen name.

These terms can be downloaded via this link: Ghostwriting terms.

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