Be my Writers’ Forum Competitive Edge guest

Writing Competitions and you… success? near miss? the judge? Let me know!

Hello everyone. I’m Writers’ Forum magazine’s Competitive Edge columnist and I’d love to know whether you have entered any writing competitions (of any type), and have been successful, a runner-up perhaps, or been unsuccessful but have learned from the experience, have advice for other entrants, or maybe you’re a competition judge and have some tips on entering (and funny stories to tell!).

Please either email me :

  • c. 500 words together with a website link (personal or your books on Amazon) and a high-resolution photograph of yourself; and / or
  • max. 50 words of your experiences (good and / or bad!)

Alternatively you can complete the form below and I’ll be in touch. Here are the most recent examples (click on the pictures to enlarge them), all the others – going back to my first in September 2017 – below the form…

Issue 209 Mar 2019 Helen Yendell

Issue 208 Feb 2019 Lorraine Mace



Issue 207 Jan 2019 Margaret Kirk

Issue 206 Dec 2018 Sharon Cathcart

Issue 204 Oct 2018 Jo Derrick

Issue 203 Sep 2018 Leigh Russell

Issue 202 Aug 2018 Exeter writers

Issue 201 July 2018 Marcia Willett

Issue 200 June 2018 Lindsay Bamfield

Issue 199 May 2018 Sally Spedding

Issue 198 Apr 2018 Lynda Stacey

Issue 197 Mar 2018 Daniel Grubb

Issue 196 Feb 18 Chris Fielden

Issue 195 Jan 18 Jill McDonald

Issue 194 Dec 2017 Lyndsay Downs

Issue 193 Nov 2017 Chris Clement-Green

Issue 192 Oct 2017 Jane Wenham-Jones

Issue 191 Sep 2017 Me!