I have listed a few recommended blogs on the Blogroll (side menu) and lots of info on the Competitions Calendar and Submission info. pages of this blog but here are some other sites you might like (alphabetical order within their section). I’m obviously not responsible for their content but have found them useful in the past… and of course there are many many more so I shall be adding to this page on a regular basis.

Organisations & opportunities
  • National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is a 50,000-word project which takes place every November (yes, 1167 words a day!); something I’ve taken part in and completed (‘won’) three times (2008-2010) – I’m best with a deadline – see Unrelated NaNoEdMo’s (yearly editing month in March) website is
  • NAWG (National Association of Writing Groups). Their website is The NAWG produces a bi-monthly magazine called ‘Link’ which accepts items by NAWG group members (I’ve had articles in the April and August 2011 editions and have a short story – fairy tale with a twist – scheduled for October 2011) and subscribed individuals.
  • Thank you to Alison Bruce for… Nighthawk is always looking for a few good characters to interview so if you know an author with a character who’d like a new venue.
  • is the website of Northampton Literature Group, Northampton, Easy Midlands, UK.  With four groups per month (1st Tues: writing, 2nd Tues: reading, 3rd Tues: poetry and 4th: theatre) there’s plenty of choice for anyone with an interest in the arts. I also moderate their Twitter profile.
  • Writing-related internet station Radio Litopia is a favourite of mine and has live shows every Friday (8pm UK) and Sunday (6.30pm UK) evenings. Friday’s ‘Litopia After Dark’ is a panel-style hour-long show with chatroom following alongside (I’m usually there as MorgenBailey or MorgenWithAnE) and Sunday’s ‘Open House’ (currently on hiatus undergoing a possible name and format change) is a 90-minute fun and games show with more of a focus on the chatroom. It’s also an opportunity to phone or Skype in and I’m usually the only one who does. 🙂
  • Smashwords is one of the eBook options and has some great information.
  • For anyone offered a publishing contract, sold a certain number of books etc. (I fit into the first category with my debut novel :)), then do consider joining The Society of Authors. The advice alone is worth the yearly subscription fee.
  • Still Crazy is aimed at writers aged 50+ – see for more details.
  • Story A Day May is a similar concept to NaNoWriMo but instead of a 50,000-word novel every November, the site provides a different prompt per day during May. I did it in May 2011 and am doing it again 2012. 🙂
  • Shropshire (UK) based Wrekin Writers home page has changed. The link is now Unfortunately it no longer contains guideline info. but still makes an interesting read.
Cover artists / designers / illustrators
Interesting and useful (sometimes vital) information / websites
Sci-fi / fantasy / horror-specific
Other authors
If you have or come across a writing-related website or blog that you think is useful you can email me and I’ll take a look.

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