Free Books

free 233075If you have any books that are permanently free, you can list them on this page. Guidelines as per the other page ‘Books – other people’s’ pages:

  • your name (listed within each section alphabetically by first name)
  • your website / blog address
  • book title
  • book links (where it is available free, and specific links please not just the website’s home page)
  • genre
  • and synopsis in no more than 15 words (a test of your editing skills).

You can email me these details for as many of your books as you like (please don’t paste them into this page’s comments section).

NB. This page is not for books that are free for a day or three. Your book has to be free ongoing (I will be checking!) and it doesn’t apply to any stories or poems that can only be read on your website. They have to be downloadable without copying / pasting. Do email me if you have any queries.

Children’s / YA
  • Phoebe Matthews (website / blog): Tyrant Trouble (urban fantasy) – Claire flees from a Seattle crook to an Otherworld barbarian tyrant. Available free from,, and
  • you could have your free children’s / YA stories listed here
  • you could have your free non-fiction stories / books listed here
Novels & Novellas
  • Jade KennedySilver Threads (poetry) – an intriguing collection of emotional, dark and light-hearted poetry. Currently free of charge.
  • you could have your free individual poems or collections listed here
  • you could have your free scripts listed here
Short Stories & Flash Fiction
  • you could have your free short stories listed here
  • Jenny Worstall: Lemon and Lace (short stories) – a bittersweet collection of three short stories about love and choice. Available free on Smashwords.
  • you could have your free short stories listed here
  • Morgen Bailey: April’s Fool (individual short story) – April’s Fool covers a few hours in the life of an unappreciative farmer and his downtrodden wife. Available free on Smashwords.
  • The Dark Side (individual second-person short story) – The Dark Side follows a few minutes of a couple’s life which we soon learn has not been a happy one. Available free on Smashwords.
  • Feeding the Father (individual monologue) – Inspired by true events, this monologue follows a poignant turning point in a man’s life. Available free on Smashwords.
  • The Threadbare Girl (individual short story) – Hidden from sight, the threadbare girl takes in her surroundings. She remembers everything but even the man supposed to be looking after her forgets. Available free on Smashwords.
  • you could have your free short stories listed here
  • Vanessa Deroo: Paper Ghosts (Coming of Age) – Stories of letting go. Stories of moving on. Stories of second chances. Available free from Smashwords.
  • you could have your free short stories listed here

Please do email me if you find that any of the above links are no longer free. Thank you.

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