Jane Wenham-Jones

Jane - handsJane Wenham-Jones

I met Jane at one of her talks at Winchester Writers Conference back in 2011. We chatted about blogging (this blog was only four months old back then) and she said she was keen to get a blog set up. Since then I’ve created for her…

Jane’s also contributed to this blog…

And I blogged about Jane’s blogs…

And I interviewed Jane back on 12th January 2012.

Wanna Be a Writer heard.inddIf you’re an aspiring writer or you’ve been writing for a while, do check out Jane’s Wannabe A Writer guides, and / or if you just love fiction, take a look at her novels.

If you suffer from a writer’s bottom (don’t we all?), take a look at http://janewenhamjones.wordpress.com/books/100-ways-to-fight-the-flab.

Jane also has a website (http://www.janewenham-jones.com) and Wannabe A Writer site with lots going on including a Wednesday evening / Sunday morning (UK times) chatroom.

Jane also hosts workshops at a wonderful venue in the South of France, namely Chez Castillon. Class sizes are small so availability doesn’t last long!

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