Radio Litopia

Update courtesy of Katie-Ellen Hazeldine:

And it’s still going, though with a different look and format 🙂

Litopia’s Pop-Up Submissions, 6 PM GMT Sundays, streaming on Youtube, Facebook and Twitch TV.

Old news…

You may notice every now and then around this blog I mention Radio Litopia.

Apart from being on-air (music, interviews, previous shows) 24 hours a day, we all congregate in the chat room every Sunday at 7pm (UK time) / 2pm (EST) for a fun-filled hour-long Open House.

Agent Pete sets us tasks and we relish in completing them – we’ve not beaten him yet! Whether it’s limericks, collective nouns or the perfect trifecta you’re bound to have fun… we do. 🙂

Once we’ve worn our brains down, we then sit back, relax and listen to Agent Pete and Dave Bartram chat to studio and Skype guests of a variety of genres while we, still in the chatroom get to comment, ask questions and, as is often the way, go completely off at a tangent.

So if you’re game (pardon the pun) for an evening of literary mayhem and education click here.

Fellow Litopians include Issy FlamelJack MartinJoseph V SultanaJulia Kavan, Lae Monie  and Sarah Tanburn and you can tweet @Litopia on Twitter.

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