Submissions – non-fiction

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Below is a list of some outlets welcoming submissions of non-fiction writing – do let me know if you know of any others or if you find any of the information is out of date. Thank you.

  1. 3A.M. Magazine welcomes submissions of non-fiction (currently closed to flash fiction and poetry).
  2. 971 Menu invites short stories (no length specified) and non-fiction. No payment but they say they love you! 🙂
  3. Absolute Write, as well as having a literary community, is a great resource for information across the spectrum.
  4. Adirondack Review welcomes poetry, fiction, nonfiction, translation, reviews, interviews, and art and photography. They also run two literary contests per year, awarding $400.
  5. AGNI welcomes poetry, short fiction and essays. Submissions from 1st September to 31st May.
  6. And Fail (& Fail) is an interesting site which invites stories of failure but “how that failure opened the door (or window) to a later success.”
  7. Canadian print magazine The Antigonish Review welcome poetry in any form (preferably 3-4, 8 max – payment US$30 per page), articles (1000-4000 words – payment US$100 flat rate) by post (Bonnie MsIsaac, Office Manager, PO Box 5000, St Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada B2G2W5. Fiction (500-3000 words – payment US$100 flat rate) can be emailed ( Note however: “Due to a backlog that has not dwindled substantially over the past two years, the editorial co-operative of The Antigonish Review has decided to stop reading fiction submissions between June 1 and September 30. We encourage writers to submit their manuscripts before or after these dates.”
  8. Arabesques Editions is an Algerian-based magazine publisher but takes a variety of English language submissions.
  9. Ascent Aspirations welcomes short stories (<1,000 words), poetry, essays, reviews and visual art but they are usually booked months in advance so be prepared to wait.
  10. Backhand Stories welcomes flash fiction/short stories, essays and reviews. They don’t pay but it’s always lovely to see your work in ‘print’ (online).
  11. Bateau accepts submissions of poetry, flash fiction, playlets, flash nonfiction, comics / graphic stories, and b/w illustration from 1st September to 31st May.
  12. Big Muddy invites submissions of history, creative non-fiction essays, political science, poetry, fiction, biography, environmental sciences, industry / business, photography, music, art and regional events, especially where related to the Mississippi River Valley. Submissions welcome year-round.
  13. The Big Ugly Review is not currently taking submissions (fiction, poetry, non-fiction, photo-essays, film, music) but this may change.
  14. Blackbird welcomes poetry, fiction and non-fiction.
  15. New visual arts magazine Canned is looking for writers to comment on theories, trends, projects artists and artworks within the discourse of contemporary practice. For more information you can also email them.
  16. Classic Cars features are usually c.2,000 words (interview) and 2,5000 (single car feature).
  17. Online literary journal Crooked/Shift is published quarterly. “We are dedicated to horror, humor, the absurd, and the strange and are currently accepting works of flash fiction, short stories, prose, poetry, and essays, as well as film and book reviews. Was wondering if you could add us to the list of horror publishers. The website is: Again, thanks for your time and the work that you do. Matt Rotman, Editor-in-Chief, Crooked/Shift.”
  18. damselfly press seeks fiction, non-fiction and poetry.
  19. Dangerous Little Books is an independent publisher that dares to publish the books that others fear to print. “We aim to publish 6 dangerous, contentious, thought-provoking and controversial non-fiction books each year on topics we think are important and interesting to our readers.”
  20. Delayed Gratification welcome non-fiction articles.
  21. Online literary magazine Dog Weed seek poetry, fiction, and non-fiction.
  22. Duotrope is one of the best resources for submission opportunities around.
  23. Empirical Magazine invites submissions of fiction, poetry, non-fiction, art and photographs.
  24. Fiction Addiction has a brilliant page of magazine fillers.
  25. Fifty Magazine welcomes articles aimed at those 50+.
  26. US-based Flashquake is a quarterly ezine publishing flash fiction/non-fiction (max 1000 words) and short poetry (max. 35 lines). Email Submissions not accepted in February, May, August or November. Payment is US$5 to US$25.
  27. International Literary Journal The Flexible Persona welcomes non-fiction and fiction submissions of up to 5,500 words of ‘Fear, Anxiety and Terror in the Normal (The Horror of Everyday Life)’. If you’re accepted though, they ask that you record your piece as an audio file.
  28. Gardening articles are welcome at: Kitchen GardenGardens IllustratedThe English GardenGardener’s WorldGarden Design Journal and Grow Fruit & Veg.
  29. H2Open Magazine invites articles about open water swimming.
  30. Happy Homes USA welcomes “virtually anything you’ve got to say about your own home maintenance and improvement experience”.
  31. is looking for poetry, fiction, non-fiction, plays, reviews, essays etc. Submissions to
  32. Should you be a gardener Home Farmer magazine is looking for submissions, especially those of a traditional nature. Contact: Home Farmer, The Good Life Press Ltd, PO Box 536, Preston, England PR2 9ZY (or e-mail
  33. Independent publisher Indigo Dreams are always on the lookout for quality work and are particularly seeking novels and non-fiction with a USP (unique selling point).
  34. Ink Byte welcomes new articles and ideas for articles. Drop Steve Beisner or Melinda Palacio a note at
  35. Interlitq “accepts submissions for short fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. We do not accept any unsolicited material that has been previously published. If the material appears anywhere online, including your personal blog, we cannot consider it for publication.”
  36. Australian literary magazine Island publishes “quality short stories (Aus$100), poetry (Aus$60), extracts from forthcoming novels, and articles and essays on topics of social, environmental and cultural significance (Aus$100 per 1,000 words).”
  37. Itchy City magazine welcomes pieces about various cities around the UK.
  38. welcomes articles on entertainment, fashion, food, lifestyle, technology and travel. No payment but something to add to your CV if they publish you.
  39. Literary Submission Helper does what it says on the tin: “we currently have 500 fiction and non-fiction submission opportunities, across all genres, 50 of which have been made available for free.”.  You get a sample for free but have to pay to see all 500+ across the genre range.
  40. Litro accepts short stories, flash fiction and creative non-fiction (max 3,000 words).
  41. Lonely Planet welcomes emailed travel articles.
  42. MacGuffin welcomes creative fiction and non-fiction up to 5,000 words, and poetry.
  43. MG Owners Club welcome reports, reviews and articles. Details from MG Owners Club, Octagon House, Swavesey, Cambs CB24 4QZ.
  44. Mid-American Review welcomes fiction, poetry and non-fiction.
  45. Midway Journal accepts submissions of fiction, poetry, non-fiction and art from 1st January to 31st May only.
  46. A brilliant resource is My Perfect which has a page of publishers currently accepting book submissions.
  47. New Pages list of literary magazines and their Classifieds/calls page lists a variety of opportunities in varying genres.
  48. Canadian publication The New Quarterly which takes submissions of short stories, poems, essays etc. See website or write to The New Quarterly, c/o St Jerome’s University, 290 Westmount Road North, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 3G3.
  49. Launched September 2013, Not Your Eyes, an online and print, fiction and nonfiction publishing house that wants to show the reader the world through the author’s eyes. Not Your Eyes is an experiment in online publishing, seeking compelling pieces of fiction and nonfiction writing that will be published online at and in quarterly, biannual or annual print anthologies.
  50. Quarterly US print/electronic magazine Ocean welcomes non-fiction stories, articles, essays, poems about the ocean (scientific, creative, environmental, recreational and spiritual).
  51. Open to Interpretation seeks themed poetry, fiction or non-fiction.
  52. Outlook Springs is a literary journal from another dimension. It is devoted to fiction, poetry, and non-fiction tinged with the strange.
  53. Outside In Literary & Travel Magazine accepts submissions on the theme of travel, cultural immersion or any other way one climbs inside from the out.
  54. Photo Pro & Photo Professional Magazine welcome well-illustrated articles (sent an outline). Email
  55. Irish broadcaster RTÉ invites contributions of original radio essays, reportage, appreciations, memory pieces, travel writing, personal accounts of events/happenings, and occasionally poetry for ‘Sunday Miscellany’, a radio and web programme.
  56. Sailing Today pays £125 each for the first three 2,200-word pieces. Yachting Monthly is another opportunity and you can email
  57. 189 year old American bi-monthly magazine Saturday Evening Post welcome anecdotes/photos, non-fiction (on home, pet finance, 45+, how-to topics) and fiction (preferably light humour), ideally 1,000 to 2,000 words. Payment from $25 to £400+. Target audience is mainstream middle-aged American. Simultaneous submissions accepted. Response time is just 3-6 weeks.
  58. Norfolk-based (UK) annual literary magazine The Savage Kick seeks submissions that will “make readers sit up and listen”. Short stories / novel excerpts (<6000 words) or articles / interviews (<3000 words). Response times are quick (aim <2 weeks!) but payment rates low £20 stories / £15 articles/interviews. They recommend you read the magazine before submitting.
  59. Scintilla Press welcomes fiction, non-fiction, poetry and book reviews.
  60. Sentinel Literary Quarterly seeks poetry, short stories, essays, plays, reviews and interviews.
  61. Shroud Magazine prefers fiction (<5,000 words) but will consider non-fiction in horror, dark mystery, dark fantasy and suspense.
  62. Slice Magazine welcome short fiction, non-fiction and poetry.
  63. accepts English prose, poetry or essays that consist of anywhere from 50 to 2000 words (of course, word count does not imply to poetry), that will be published here, every Wednesday (to begin with) – pictures are not accepted. A submission guide may, or may not eventually appear in the near future as art carries no certainties. You are nevertheless free to submit your writing and get a prompt response.
  64. Still Crazy has opportunities for writers aged 50+.
  65. Sollitary Magazine takes poetry, non-fiction, and fiction. Although Mexican, you don’t have to be.
  66. The Subterranean Literary Journal welcomes prose (short stories), essays, reviews, poetry, art and illustrations… and “everything else, we love to be surprised and we’ll consider publishing almost anything”. 🙂
  67. Summersdale seek quotes, quips and witticisms.
  68. Sweet Lit welcomes poetry and non-fiction (no fiction accepted).
  69. Tell Us A Story publishes stories that are true and happened to the author. We publish one new story every Wednesday. All submissions must be less than 2000 words and based on something true. We are also interested in flash [non]fiction, experimental stories, poems, and plays, as long as they are true. Please send submissions as an attachment, images, and a 100 word (or less) biographical statement to Put “TUAS Submission” in the subject line.
  70. Literary journal This Very Breath accepts 100 word stories, flash fiction and flash nonfiction.
  71. California-based Three Penny Review welcomes fiction (max 4000 words) and poetry (max 100 lines). Payment US$400 per story / article, US$200 per poem plus year’s free subscription.
  72. Canadian Tin House is looking for fiction (one story per submission), poetry (five poems max) and ‘economical, cultural and environmental’ non-fiction. Simultaneous submissions accepted.
  73. New online community is looking for contributors. Enthusiastic and articulate female writers are needed to contribute to a dynamic, evolving, and interactive website aimed at women in their 40s,50s and beyond. Previously unpublished writers are welcome. The site was founded in November 2012 by a 52-year-old ex-lawyer and writer Carolyn Lazarus. What does the Site Offer? A space for like-minded women to share their authentic voices; Substantive original content, well presented, by the target market for the target market-fun, lively, different; The new women’s network: a dynamic powerful community built upon real personal connections; A site truly for women in their 40s, 50s and beyond-a forgotten sector; Women will be participants not consumers; An independent site for independent women. Content is different and always authentic, for example: original fiction (short stories, novel extracts) and poetry, descriptions of place, jottings on life, wit and humour, women making a difference, women in sport, women and music, women in business, women changing their lives, women studying, women in dialogue, women’s wisdom, what teenagers think about us and them, and… oh yes, a token man. Please join us for free at If you are interested in contributing an article please indicate your interest on sign up and we will get back to you. For further information please contact: Karen Marriott @
  74. Vintage Script seeks historical articles and short stories.
  75. Weave Magazine seeks poetry, fiction, non-fiction.
  76. What The Dickens magazine is actively looking for fiction, poetry, non-fiction and articles.
  77. Womagwriter’s blog is one of the best places I know for women’s magazine guidelines including short stories and articles (“fillers”).
  78. lists some opportunities.
  79. does what it says on the tin; is packed with submission info.
  80. WritersReadersDirect welcomes fiction and non-fiction in a variety of formats.
  81. is a great list of opportunities.
  82. Xenith is open to “most forms and genres of writing: poetry (5 max per submission), fiction (max 8000 words), flash fiction (5-500 words), plays, creative nonfiction, graphic novels, comics and comic strips, unsent letters, experimental, sci-fi, literary mainstream, whatever”. Essays, articles and columns also welcome. Submit by email (no attachments) to
  83. Other non-fiction opportunities include Kensington ReviewHerStoriaSt Anthony Messenger Press, VintageWeavings.
  84. Other mixed opportunities include The BeatBustCezanne’s CarrotThe Corner Club PressDead Drunk DublinThe Literary BohemianThe Long & The Short of ItNew Orleans ReviewNew Welsh ReviewNovel MagazineThe Ofi PressPentimento MagazinePersimmon TreeThe Pygmy GiantThe Shine JournalSplinter GenerationStep AwayThe Waiting RoomWet InkWritingRaw.

Do let me know if you know of any others. Thank you.

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