Sentence starts

Until recently I had a Twitter profile containing little else but sentence beginnings but as I’m a newly-promoted (voluntary) publicity assistant for the Northampton Literature Group so now tweet about Northampton Writing Groups and switched my sentence starts to here for you to use for your writing projects should you wish…

  1. Dorothy felt like a heroine from a movie… (third person)
  2. The dinner party has seemed like any other… (you can use for any pov)
  3. Much as I like the fellow… (first person)
  4. Barry looked at the crowd trying to pick you out… (second person)
  5. Annette had long suspected that he… (third person)
  6. The centre candle flickered… (you can use for any pov)
  7. He said I wasn’t his cup of tea… (first person)
  8. One walked in front of another… (you can use for any pov)
  9. How could Melissa do this to me? (first person)
  10. It was like a light bulb appeared over your head… (second person)
  11. She’d noticed he’d stopped wearing his ring… (third person)
  12. The bus trundled for over an hour… (you can use for any pov)
  13. As I clipped the name tag to his lapel… (first person)
  14. His touch was tender yet you… (second person)
  15. As the car rolled towards me… (first person)
  16. You wonder when things had really got so bad… (second person)
  17. As Grey dangled his feet over… (third person)
  18. It was old and twisted… (you can use for any pov)
  19. To avoid killing time, I… (first person)
  20. This wasn’t the life you’d signed up for… (second person)
  21. Why didn’t she include him more? (third person)
  22. If you could change one thing… (second person)
  23. He ripped open her blouse, laughing at the buttons flying… (third person)
  24. It had meant something different… (you can use for any pov)
  25. As, I grabbed the steering wheel… (first person)
  26. You said it could never happen again… (second person)
  27. Sheila smeared the lotion along/down… (third person)
  28. The sky had just one cloud… (you can use for any pov)
  29. It was obviously from her clothes what her job was… (third person)
  30. The clock wobbled with every second… (you can use for any pov)
  31. Only one person knew my secret… (first person)
  32. It’s a dull day and you know how it feels… (second person)
  33. As she tucked her sleeve under… (third person)
  34. For the second Mother’s Day in a row… (you can use any pov)
  35. “Are we there yet?” was something I’d been dreading… (first person)
  36. As the light flashed on the switchboard… (you can use for any pov)
  37. In the right place at the wrong time… (you can use any pov)
  38. The shop had had a run on… (you can use any pov)
  39. Was it really as bad as they said?… (you can use any pov)
  40. As the lid slammed shut… (you can use any pov)
  41. I couldn’t be sure but it definitely tasted past its best… (first person)
  42. You jump as the fan creaks into life… (second person)
  43. I opened the door; the shop was buzzing with life… (first person)
  44. The visit to the ______, you realise, had been a big mistake… (second person)
  45. As her hands rubbed her stomach… (third person)
  46. I’d never meant it to go so far… (first person)
  47. As you add the final touch… (second person)
  48. Violet folded her arms defensively… (third person)
  49. On this occasion, the customer was most definitely not right… (you can use for any pov)
  50. As I walked along the roof edge… (first person)
  51. You think “The light shouldn’t be on at this time…” (second person)
  52. He looked like a Crimewatch mug-shot… (third person)
  53. I’d never had great judgment… (first person)
  54. You try digging for a compliment… (second person)
  55. Simon was in a foul mood/growled… (third person)
  56. Even at 50% off…(you can use for any pov)
  57. As I looked up… (first person)
  58. You knew his family came first but… (second person)
  59. She was very proud of her… (third person)
  60. As I swung my legs precariously… (first person)
  61. You knew it was wrong but… (second person)
  62. Patience didn’t live up to her name… (third person)
  63. It seemed to be ticking over nicely… (you can use any pov)
  64. As I put it in my mouth… (first person)
  65. And how do you feel now / about that? (second person)
  66. As she swept her hair back she revealed… (third person)
  67. could sense I wasn’t alone… (first person)
  68. The black Porsche glinted at you like a baddie in a western… (second person)
  69. He was someone she could relate to… (third person)
  70. Couldn’t everyone communicate with the dead? (you can use any pov)
  71. It felt clammy yet I… (first person)
  72. She didn’t believe a word but you… (second person)
  73. He now knew why he preferred animals… (third person)
  74. As the hook dug into my flesh… (first person)
  75. You know you can’t trust him…(second person)
  76. The cracks in their marriage had appeared after… (third person)
  77. The quiet village was shattered by… (you can use any pov)
  78. I tried not to sound too bored / boring… (first person)
  79. It was like hitting your head against a brick wall…(second person)
  80. She watched the cracks get bigger… (third person)
  81. I couldn’t remember much about… (first person)
  82. You startled me when you… (second person)
  83. Emma was a selfish teenager… (third person)
  84. It was the cosiest of crimes… (you could use this for any point of view)
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4 thoughts on “Sentence starts

  1. morgenbailey says:

    Congratulations, Aaron. That’s what I love about fiction; it doesn’t take much to create something with potential. I put up four 15-minute weekday exercises (a mixture of types) on my online writing groups:

    prose (the same on each site) on:

    Morgen’s Online Novel Writing Group ( /

    Morgen’s Online Script Writing Group ( /

    Morgen’s Online Short Story Writing Group ( /

    poetry on:

    Morgen’s Online Poetry Writing Group ( /


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