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An example of my flash fiction and poetry are below, but the bulk of my writing on this blog are on the 5PM FictionStory A Day May and Flash Fiction Fridays pages. I also have two flash fiction pieces in Cake issue no.3.

April's Fool (final)Four of my eShorts are free on Smashwords, I have seven anthologies (see below) and two 365-Day Writer’s Block Workbooks ($0.99 / £0.77 on Amazon).

My debut novel The Serial Dater’s Shopping List is available at $0.99 / £0.77 on Amazon) – full details on the Books: mine page.

The five ‘Fifty 5pm Fictions’ (the stories originally featured on my 5pm Fiction slot) are now available exclusively from and (and other Amazon countries) at just $0.99 / £0.77 per collection – details here.

beach a 167333 smallAll three Story A Day May Collections are now available on and (and other Amazon countries) for just $0.99 / £0.77 per collection – which works out at 5c/3p a story, detailed here.

These collections comprise the 31 short stories and flash fiction written from daily prompts given during May 2011, May 2012 and May 2013.

No prompt information, no author comments, just the stories themselves. Inspired by the Story A website.

My other writing / contributions include…


I also have a story (‘First impression’) in the charity anthology Telling Tales (sadly now out of print) and one of my Story A Day May 2012 stories (‘I did my very best to die in the war’) on Poems from the Battlefield.

The first piece of fiction I ever had published was a 60-worder in Woman’s Weekly back in 2006, which I called ‘Deep Pan Payback’ but they published as ‘Payback’:

“Deep Pan 12-inch Hawaiian, delivered please.” Alex was starving. Moving house, he’d skipped lunch. He thought of his ex-girlfriend, Jane, and sighed. Landing a high-powered job had gone to her head and she’d kicked him out of her flat. His doorbell rang. He got his money and opened the door. The delivery driver, horrified, dropped the pizza. Alex smiled. “Hello Jane.”


Although I couldn’t call myself a poet (I don’t), this one was personal…

Three Quarters of a Whole
Three quarters of a family pose for a photo
Taken by a mother…of her husband, daughter, son.
Photographer-father now the subject of the snap
Captured in time and showered in love.

I found the picture while up in my loft
Buried in a box, overlooked til now.
A forgotten picture of unforgotten people
A family united in a happier time.

The daughter, me, stands in Sunday best.
The proud father holds me, a supporting role.
The son, my brother, sits beside me on the car
With a cheeky grin, he still often wears.

The family, now the subject of a faded print
In a wooden frame weathered with age and dust.
The flicks of trapped flies now sealed in death.
A loving time remembered for the people within.

My father’s moustache slightly greying with age
Shows signs of his half-life, thirty-six years past
Thirty-six to go and loving every second.
At ‘three score years and ten’, still pleased with his lot.

Two years later he passed away
A loss to his friends, children, wife.
Then three days later, the Twin Towers crumbled
Life became perspective, for us once more.

The father, a grandfather-in-thought perhaps.
Now no showing, loving, receiving or giving
Not here for the special things we want to share –
The weddings, the children, the travels, the fun.

So now the family is again just three quarters
Mother, daughter and son – husband/father gone.
Life passes quickly, we’re all so busy
Achieving the things, we know he’d be proud.

The picture now sits in the corner of my lounge
The home he helped, years ago, to update
Photographer-father now the subject of the snap
Captured in time and showered in love.

A photo captured

21 thoughts on “My writing

  1. Jane Lovering says:

    Heartfelt – as the best poems should be. What price expensive, emotionless stuff written by the top professionals? Poetry like this touches everyone and doesn’t have to be decoded and pored over to reach its essence.


  2. Kurt Kamm says:

    Hi Morgen – I am a writer of firefighter mysteries. My last, Red Flag Warning-A serial Arson Mystery won three first place myster fiction awards (credible contests) in 2010. My newest, Code Blood will be coming out in November. I would be interested in doing a blog/interview during that month if you have an interest.
    More about me –
    Kurt Kamm

    (You need a “contact me” link on your website)


  3. laura says:

    I am normally not a fan of poetry- but I really liked your poem- It was so personal and brought up all kinds of images of loss and hope. Do you often write poetry? I know you said this is not your primary style of writing but it is good.


    • morgenbailey says:

      Oh, thank you very much. I write very little – only really infrequently for competitions (I’ve won one) or my writing groups. Too many short story ideas to be getting on with, really. 🙂 Thanks again, Laura.


  4. patgarcia says:

    I was really researching your website to become very familiar with who you are and stumbled, and I do mean stumbled, across this poem you wrote. I usually take my time when I am discovering a person through their website. It could take days. I admit, I was curious. Not because I think I’m better. No, it has nothing to do with competition. You see, I admire women who are moving upward and outward against the odds. That is what one of my blogs is all about, so I wanted to find out who you were. The poem told me a lot about you, and I came away with a lovely picture.
    Thank you.


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